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The internship programme at Airtel was launched with the objectives of sharpening the skills of graduates through experiential learning, application of classroom learning to professional assignments or projects and learning first hand on how professional organizations operate.

Sharendra Peiris - Legal & Regulatory

How airtel changed my life

My time at Airtel was one full of many unique experiences that truly exposed me to what happens in the corporate world. This opportunity made way for me to join and become a part of the dynamic legal team whose knowledge and experiences supported me to enhance my knowledge and skill set, but it was not only segregated to one team alone. The company culture is such that it has a very united front internally, ensuring that everyone knew their roles and did their best to achieve their goals. Everyone here are unique professionals with many different talents and skills and I was lucky enough to work with most of them. Hence my scope of exposure was very wide.

What the internship taught me:

The internship programme pushed me out of my comfort zones and made me think differently and respond to various challenges that were put on the table accordingly. I was also able to obtain exposure in how Airtel has extended themselves and integrated to all parts of the country. I believe the internal structure of Airtel is such that they have a very strong base and that for any young person it is a good place to commence their career, appreciating the importance of quality and efficiency that they need to put in. Now as I conclude my internship program at Airtel I realize that the exposure and experiences in working under pressure, to timely targets, with different people, in different environments really has enhanced my concept and approach to work for which I am indeed grateful to Airtel.

Ayisha Fazim - Human Resources

How airtel changed my life

My exposure to best in class talent management processors helped me understand the importance of catering to diverse needs. This empowered me to hone in on my passion for serving employees to best utilize their true potential. The autonomy I was afforded in this regard has given me a greater appreciation for the value that talent management and development has on increasing the potential of human capital in an organization. I was given the freedom to organize employee engagement events which assisted me to develop my project management skills.

What the internship taught me:

Airtel inculcated in me, the passion to succeed in my chosen career path. I learnt the importance of reaching out to employees for talent development and improving satisfaction levels; developing engagement opportunities that challenge employees to reach beyond the scope of the day to day lives; making great friends along the way; the power of an empowered workforce.

Ravindu Wijewickrama - Network

How airtel changed my life

My first taste of real work life was at Airtel and the experience I had at Airtel enabled me to realize my true career path. While I initially thought I'd get into electronics, at the end of my internship I had my heart set on a career in the telecommunications sector.

I was almost effortlessly integrated into the work environment here. There was always someone available to consult with when we needed advice and yet they trusted us enough to give us a task and let us get on with it. Feedback was guaranteed and my work has never been ignored or silently accepted and this is something I have really treasured and taken inspiration from.

My favorite project during my time at Airtel was when our group of interns had to come up with a system for monitoring uplinks. The whole experience of being given a task in its entirety to figure out cemented the decision to pursue a career in the telecommunications sector. I loved the whole process of being given a task and the opportunity to own it and finally the thrill of getting it right and actually creating something new. This insight into the technical aspect to the telecommunications industry erased all doubt in my mind that this was the career I wanted to pursue.

What the internship taught me:

Learning from the employee development is values of being 'alive, inclusive, and respectful' are not just words; but ideals to live by. Responsibility given to actively devise solutions amongst our group of interns enhanced our skills and knowledge in the industry.