Airtel becomes first Sri Lankan telco to integrate Google’s Business Messages

January 2021

• Enables instant chat with customer support via Google Search & Maps.
• Further investments in customer experience optimisation planned in coming months.

In a milestone for Sri Lankan Telco, the most preferred youth mobile network, Airtel Lanka announced its successful integration with Google’s Business Messages.

With the service now going live, the new feature enables a message button on Google Maps and Google Search, for anyone looking for support or information on Airtel. This feature eliminates the time taken for a customer to lookup a number, call a contact centre for information, thus improving overall customer experience.

Access to these platforms will be further enhanced with the integration of a BOT which is anticipated to be rolled out in the near future. This automated function will be able to identify the user’s requirements and provide solutions with minimal human interference in order to provide seamless customer experience on Airtel’s messaging platforms.

“Airtel has continuously invested in digitization leading to better customer experience. With the integration of Google’s Business Messages into our expanding range of digital customer touch points, we are proud to now be the first in Sri Lanka to offer another convenient new channel to reach us.”

“We hope that this ease of access will be a step in the right direction as we embrace the next generation of connectivity,” Airtel Lanka Managing Director/CEO, Ashish Chandra said.

The launch of Google Business Message is in addition to Airtel’s existing customer support platforms which includes Facebook Messenger and the live chat function on the telco’s website. Airtel subsequently rolled out customer care services on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and Twitter.

Airtel users can now access these functions through a platform of their choice. At present, a menu based BOT is deployed to address customer requirements and is in development phase of providing access to a wider range of services.

The integration of the messaging platforms will provide a simplified and personalised service across all digital entry points and will facilitate a seamless user experience in an increasingly fast-paced, digital-first world. As for traditional channels Airtel has now digitised all other customer access points including enabling users to on-board their Airtel journey digitally.

The telco will continue to double down on the optimization of digitised services to remain in reach for existing and new users alike. Airtel’s digitised customer services facility is available in all three local languages. If users wish to activate any of the mobile networks offerings via any social media applications, they may do so by paying through their existing credit balance or by recharging online.

Remote training and skills development to be the ‘new normal’ for Team Airtel

February 2021

Starting with the initial lockdown in March 2020, Airtel Lanka has been doubling down on digitisation of employee upskilling, learning and development and the results are already starting to show.

“With the prevailing pandemic situation, workplace cultures which were once designed to meet face to face, inspire and collaborate is becoming obsolete. This disruption presented a new challenge especially for the continuation of learning and development. Whilst many organisations resorted to cost cutting in different forms, we believed that learning was more important than ever before. Capabilities aim to make organizations and individuals more resilient, adaptable, and innovative.” Airtel’s Managing Director and CEO, Ashish Chandra explained.

Over the past two quarters, over 85% of the company’s workforce switched to digitised training programmes which includes the Airtel Executive Development Programme conducted in partnership with the Postgraduate Institute of Management, Sales Leadership Development Programme conducted by the Colombo Business School and all other internal training programmes. These programmes have even directly targeted ground level sales force.

Employees were also encouraged to take up any e-learning courses including Coursera and the Airtel i-learn programmes which they believed would align with and enhance their job knowledge. As an incentivised measure all employees who exceeded in these programmes were awarded with an e-learning championship. Additionally, employees across the board participated in 4G Capability Development programmes in response to the telco’s acquisition of superior 4G spectrum and impending roll-out of 4G LTE services across Sri Lanka.

Digitising the capability development function has a provided the telco with access to international training partners, enabling the telco to source from among the best 4G specialised trainers and training systems from across the globe. Following through on the telco’s values of being Alive, Inclusive and Respectful these digitised HR process have been extended to interviews, induction and on boarding of new and existing employees.

“Developing strong, diverse teams is one of our most important leadership functions. This means that all our employees need to have the skills necessary to thrive even if they are in a remote work environment. That is why we are digitising all facets of our HR process. This could mean something simple like motivational sessions, to managerial training and even recruitment, all of which were conducted via remote video conferencing.” Airtel Lanka Head of HR, Kanishka Ranaweera said.

The telco’s hire rate over the past two quarters have been a testament to this undisrupted functionality enabled through digitised processes. Similarly these digitised processes include Airtel Lanka’s HR connect sessions which serves as a vibrant, collaborative platform for all of Airtel’s cross functional teams to network and stay engaged through internal events like “Airtel Tech Talk” where industry experts and internal subject experts conduct insight driven forums for employees.

Airtel expands customer service touch points through an extensive expansion

February 2021

Sri Lanka’s most preferred youth telco, Airtel Lanka announced a major expansion to its existing Customer Service footprint across the island. The expansion takes place as part of Airtel’s aggressive drive towards customer experience optimization in view of the anticipated launch of Airtel 4G.

With the expansion, Airtel now has 5,000 Service Points and 70 Bell Stores as Service Partner outlets island-wide. Accordingly, customers can walk into any of these places and avail services such as obtaining a new connection, reloads, bill payments, SIM upgrades and many more.

“We have been consistently enhancing our network offering, and pairing these improvements with an unbeatable customer experience. Through this robust approach we want to ensure a smooth transition towards the roll-out of our world class 4G network. We hope that our extended investment within the island is a reflection of our lifelong commitment to our existing and future customers and we will continue to prioritise customer experience as a competitive advantage on its own right” Airtel Lanka MD/CEO, Ashish Chandra stated.

Notably, as part of the company’s drive towards customer experience optimization, Airtel recently became the only telco in the country to integrate Google’s Business Messages. The new feature enables a message button on Google Maps and Google Search, for anyone looking for support or information on Airtel. Furthermore, Airtel users can also conveniently interact with the telco’s dedicated service advisors via all key customer digital entry points; Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp and the Airtel website.

Driven by the telco’s significantly expanded retail footprint and its robust customer self-service app, My Airtel, users are guaranteed access to all the support they need whether they chose to do it physically, by visiting a store or digitally.

For more information or to find your nearest outlet log on onto the ‘My Airtel’ App or visit

Airtel completes major Northern Province network enhancement

February 2021

• Deploys 900 Mhz spectrum to cater to growing demand
• Initial tests confirm unmatched indoor experiences

Sri Lanka’s most preferred telco brand among youth, Airtel Lanka announced the successful completion of a superior 900MHz spectrum rollout aimed at drastically enhancing user experience across the Northern Province.

The deployment of the new spectrum will result in enhanced network experience and more importantly results in wider coverage catering to the geographically expanding population in the province. The network enhancement is set to pave the way for the anticipated launch of Airtel 4G services in that area.

“The deployment of the new spectrum is critical to our growth strategy. The spectrum allows better signal penetration enabling an enhanced indoor experience and frees up capacity on our higher frequency bands thereby enabling us to cater to the growing demand across a larger population spread across the region.” said Airtel Lanka Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Ashish Chandra said.

These developments are part of a bold strategy from Airtel Lanka that will see the company leapfrog ahead in order to drastically raise the bar on user experience.

Airtel Lanka wins big at Sri Lanka Best Employer Brand Awards 2020

March 2021

Consolidating its reputation as an employer of choice, Airtel Lanka won resounding recognition for its innovative approach to Human Resources Management at the recently concluded Sri Lanka Best Employer Brand Awards 2020.

Celebrating the telco’s achievements and further propelling its position as a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Airtel was presented with the ‘Best Employer Brand’ Award for the second consecutive year. Additionally Airtel’s Talent Acquisition and Development Manager Shara Rajaguru was declared ‘Young HR Professional of the Year’ further emphasizing Airtel’s continued commitment to enabling an empowering and enriching work environment.

Commenting on the multiple wins, Airtel Lanka Managing Director & CEO Ashish Chandra said, “2020 had proven to be a challenging year, but helped to clearly showcase the true value of our employees; their ability, willingness and resilience in embracing unprecedented change and our robust HR functionality which has continued to supplement this.”

Hosted by the World HRD Congress, the Sri Lanka Best Employer Awards, aims to showcase organizations across the country that have been effective in attracting, retaining and developing talent through strategic HR and marketing communications efforts.

Airtel Lanka adopts a strategic, employee-friendly approach to HR practices with the primary goal of establishing a conducive environment and all the tools, knowledge and training necessary for employees to achieve their optimum potential.

Airtel partners TRCSL ‘Gamata Sanniwedanaya’ to boost network in Ratnapura

April 2021

April 5, 2021: Working in partnership with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL), Airtel Lanka, added its support to ‘Gamata Sanniwedanaya’ to eliminate coverage ‘dark spots’ island-wide.

As the 1st phase of the initiative, Gamata Sanniwedanaya aims to facilitate construction of 37 new signal towers in the Ratnapura district. The digitisation of rural communities will help keep anyone connected and productive in their daily lives, supporting seamless distance-learning and flexible working requirements.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony, TRCSL Director General Oshada Senanayake said: “The bold steps that we are taking today under the ‘Gamata Sanniwedanaya’ initiative will lay the foundation for Sri Lanka’s accelerated transformation into a vibrant, digitalised regional hub for tech, ICT and related services. This starts with bridging the digital divide for rural communities. By the end of 2020, this initiative will have covered 10 districts, and by 2022 we will have achieved 100% coverage island-wide. This will create immense growth potential across Sri Lanka for all her citizens.”

Part of a progressive national effort led by TRCSL to ensure seamless mobile and data connectivity island-wide, the ‘Gamata Sanniwedanaya’ initiative aims to bridge the digital gap by providing equal access to mobile connectivity for all Sri Lankans.

“Airtel’s mission is centred on enriching lives for all Sri Lankans. With digitalisation expanding to cover every facet of daily life at an exponential rate, it is essential and empowering to ensure that reliable mobile connectivity is available to all our citizens. We are therefore proud to partner with TRCSL on this vital and visionary initiative,” Airtel CEO/MD, Ashish Chandra said.

With Airtel’s purpose-built 4G network also coming into play in the near future, users will be able to experience drastically improved indoor coverage, with stronger signal penetration leaving almost no room for dead zones that can cause network interruptions. Faster speeds and a host of other digital services are also part of the package, proving ideal for online classes and anyone working from home.

Image Caption:

From left: Airtel Lanka CEO and Managing Director Ashish Chandra, TRCSL Director General Oshada Senanayake, Imbulpe Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Srilal Senarath, Gamata Sanniwedanaya Additional District Secretary Udaya Kumari, Airtel Lanka Head of Site Acquisition Sameera Mendis and Municipal Commissioner Aruna Premarathne

Airtel sets the gold standard in customer service among Lankan telcos

March 2021

Airtel Lanka has achieved the best performance on Customer Service parameters as per the Quality of Service (QoS) Survey conducted by Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) for the first two quarters of 2020. This recognition comes during Sri Lanka’s initial lockdown period and as we all had to transition to a ‘Work from Home’ ecosystem. For Airtel, this also meant remote working for their ‘Call Centre’ associates, a set-up that was not tried before.

“We at Airtel want to ensure that a seamless service culture remains at our core which is lived, pursued and refined by everyone in the company. With benchmark world-class customer service, we aim to enrich the lives of our customers. Sustaining this goal and reaching new heights would not have been possible without a dedicated team who propelled this service standard beyond international benchmarks while adapting to the new normal,” stated Airtel CEO and Managing Director, Ashish Chandra.

According to the latest report by the TRCSL between the months of January to June 2020, Airtel Lanka exceled in Customer Service parameters. Similarly the telco is leading in the, ‘IVR Initial Response Time’, ‘Initial Human Operator Response Time after the IVR system refers the call for operator assistance’ and ‘Bill Correctness Complaints Resolution Time’ parameters.

The ‘Quality of Service Comparison Report for Mobile Telephony Services’ evaluates mobile operators on the quality of their network and customer service relative to the pre-set standards established by the TRCSL. These standards are set in accordance with the standards established by international bodies.

The report is circulated among Sri Lanka’s operators for their information and further development of the set parameters. The purpose of this report is to benchmark the QoS parameters commonly monitored by Mobile Operators on a quarterly basis.

Choose to challenge: Meet the stereotype shattering women of Airtel Lanka

March 2021

Sri Lanka currently ranks 126th out of 153 countries in terms of economic participation and opportunities for women in the workforce, according to the World Economic Forum.

In recent years, overall female labour force participation actually regressed from 41% down to 36%, while female representation within science-based professions has recorded an equivalent reduction – particularly in fields of engineering and technology.

In an evolving economy these disparities actually represent a severe limitation on the potential for economic growth in Sri Lanka. This disparity is made even more serious given that women account for over 51% of Sri Lanka’s population but their current underrepresentation in technology means they will likely be among the groups most vulnerable to job losses as a result of the ongoing fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

However, according to the University Grants Commission (UGC), in 2017 alone, females accounted for 49% of the undergraduates enrolled to pursue an education in STEM, and over 40% of those who finally graduated from university.

Therefore, relatively speaking, the key challenge that Sri Lanka faces is not simply a lack of access to STEM education for women, but also the fact that women who are qualified, do not enter the workforce, or if they do, it is does not translate into a stable long-term career path in most instances.

Airtel, a global telecommunication services provider and one of Sri Lanka’s most sought after employers has been working across the board to enhance female participation within the telco in order to hone in on this massive reserve of untapped talent. Recognised as one of the ‘Top 10 Best Workplaces for Women’ in 2019 by Great Place to Work and with over 63% of the female workforce in managerial positions, Airtel has been driving home the advantages of providing an equal platform for employees to work, train and benefit from all of the telco’s core working areas.

Women taking the lead from the top

Having been part of the telco’s operations for over a decade, Airtel Lanka’s Chief Service Officer, Saumya Narain manages teams that work on design innovation, process automation and digital transformation. Saumya’s initial move to Airtel India in 2003 was a bold decision for her, given that she was switching verticals from banking to telecommunications.

“I studied commerce and came from a risk management background. So when I began my journey at Airtel, I had to restart my career ladder. Currently as CSO, I am responsible for ensuring that the entire customer lifecycle is designed and deployed effectively, and synchronized with back-end systems. This meant that I had to get to a grip on the rapidly evolving concepts of IT and telco-engineering, which was certainly intimidating at first. One of the main challenges was getting rid of the mental limitation that IT and tech was beyond my scope.”

In the years that followed, Saumya began to actively pursue every opportunity to deepen her technical understanding – attending online courses, seminars and webinars, and learning directly from Airtel’s own technical teams. “This is where the beauty of Airtel really shines through. We had several mentors and leaders – including highly driven and successful women who encouraged us to set aside limitations we had internalised, and influenced me and many other female colleagues to rise through the ranks.

“The future is undoubtedly digital, and there is plenty of room for women to succeed in the telecommunications sphere. The only barrier to entry is knowledge, and with enough commitment, this is not a barrier at all. Especially with a company like Airtel that gives women the room and support they need to succeed both personally and professionally, I think the future for women in tech and design is bright,” she stated.

Breaking the gender barrier by centring woman

Airtel’s emphasis on diversity flows down into every level of the organization. A great example of this policy in practice is Chamila Silva who serves as Assistant Manager, Intelligent Network and is one of only four female intelligence networking engineers in the whole of Sri Lanka.

Chamila’s job requires her to be on call around the clock in order to ensure that the telco’s pre-paid payment systems are always running smoothly. Given that the vast majority of Airtel Lanka’s customers are young Sri Lankans on pre-paid connections, this work is critical to the telco’s overall performance.

Reflecting on her educational and professional journey into her present role as Assistant Manager in the Engineering domain, Chamila explains how her affinity towards STEM fields was sparked from a very young age.

“I‘ve always loved math and science, and in school these were areas which I excelled in. I also wanted to be different from others. Many of my classmates were not too interested in pursuing higher education, but I dreamt of using my knowledge to become more independent, and live my own life. Especially when I decided to pursue IT engineering, there were quite a few people who tried to discourage me saying that it wasn’t an appropriate field for a woman.”

“To be one of the few women working in this field was not easy and there were times when I wanted to quit, but I always persevered. My older brother is also in this field and he gave me a lot of encouragement and advice, and eventually those who had tried to discourage me had to come to the understanding that this has always been my passion, and that nothing would stop me from succeeding,” she explained.

Despite her qualifications with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Peradeniya and Cisco certification in Networking, Chamila noted that it took over a year before she could find a job that she was passionate about. Now, having completed her years with Airtel Lanka, Chamila is the primary caregiver and breadwinner for her family, in addition to pursuing her MBA at the Postgraduate Institute of Management.

Culturally, notions of what is gender appropriate is instilled even from a very early stage in life across the minds of young women and girls. These stereotypes tend to determine the educational and career choices for most women, taking away from the quality of their learning experience and limiting their educational and career choices.

Airtel Lanka is an equal employment opportunity provider and has taken strides and leaps in sustaining a truly global culture which is non-discriminatory and equal for all. The telco giant believes in creating a level playing field as women too have the potential to supersede beyond their aspirations and other milestones set by social norms, if they are provided with the same opportunities available to their male counter parts.

Elevating others through STEM

Airtel is also a firm believer in the power of technology and tech-related employment to create opportunity and ultimately, to empower a diverse workplace. The journey of Gayani Batawalaarachchi, attests to this fact. Currently hoping to pursue an education in computer sciences, Gayani was introduced to the telco as a result of Airtel’s partnership with the Employer Federation of Ceylon (EFC) to open up on-the-job training opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Gayani, who is visually impaired, completed her secondary education through the support of the Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind, situated in Ratmalana. For her vocational education Gayani joined with the EFC to obtain training in the fundamentals of computing, the internet and Microsoft Office. This training helped pave the way for the young recruit to apply for her current position at Airtel.

“Growing up I never expected to join the workforce, let alone work with computers and for this I am thankful to Ms. Manique Guneratne from the EFC who trained and encouraged me to apply for jobs. Through their training programmes, we were given access to special applications like JAWS - which is a computer screen reading programme with text to speech output. This helped me to start getting comfortable with technology and computers.”

“Everyone I’ve worked with at Airtel has been very friendly and helpful, and after working here, I really feel that I need to continue working and learning. When applying for the position at Airtel, I too had the same hiring process as anyone else who would have filled in for the position. Of course I had to go through an initial selection process with the EFC. I have truly been able to benefit from the flexible working environment and the on-the-job training that I have received during my time at Airtel,” says Gayani.

Gayani also acknowledges the support she had received from a very young age especially from her family and school. She credits this support system for encouraging her to pursue her vocational education and her career. As her training in ICT with the EFC helped to open up more employment opportunities, moving forward, Gayani hopes to use her time at Airtel to learn more about technology, and eventually pursue further educational qualifications in the field.

This is only a glimpse into the lives of some of the powerful women at Airtel who work tirelessly behind the scenes addressing not only customer requirements but also social and economic issues with the use of mobile technology. As the global telco giant continues to reinforce its commitment to establish the ‘new normal’ through an inclusive and diverse workplace, the company has been able to serve an increasingly diverse customer base. A gender-diverse workforce allows the company to attract and retain talented men and women who are at the centre of the telco’s global drive to not leave anyone behind but to create a workplace that is equal and beneficial for all.

Image Captions:

Image 1: Airtel Lanka Chief Service Officer Saumya Narain
Image 2: Airtel Lanka Assistant Manager, Intelligent Network Chamila Silva
Image 3: Airtel Lanka Trainee Executive Gayani Batawalaarachchi

Airtel Lanka appoints Ashish Chandra as CEO

September 2020

Airtel Lanka today announced the appointment of Ashish Chandra as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. In his new role, Ashish has the mandate to accelerate Airtel’s growth in the Sri Lankan market by leveraging best-in-class network technologies and innovative digital platforms.

Commenting on the appointment, Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO (India and South Asia), Bharti Airtel said: “We are delighted to welcome Ashish to Airtel Lanka, which has built a solid platform for future growth. I am confident that Ashish’s experience will add immense value to Airtel’s vision of delighting customers with world-class services. Over the coming months, customers can look forward to some exciting innovations from Airtel and I wish Ashish and his team the very best for the future.”

Ashish brings with him over two decades of rich experience in the Indian telecommunications industry. In the past, he has worked in various leadership roles with India’s top telecommunications companies. Prior to joining Airtel Lanka, he was the Business Head & CEO (Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand) for Vodafone Idea Limited. Ashish has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Malviya National Institute of Technology and did his MBA from the Podar Institute of Management. He has also attended Leadership programs at IMD Business School, Lausanne; IIM, Ahmedabad; and the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Powering up Sri Lankan Youth: Airtel energizes #21for21

September 2020

Celebrating a month dedicated to empowering youth, Airtel Lanka partnered with the USAIDfunded youth skills development and entrepreneurship project, YouLead to mark World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) and International Youth Day (IYD) 2020 under the theme of ‘21FOR21’. The objective of the campaign was to introduce 21 critical skills for youth employment and entrepreneurship in the 21st century.

This year's WYSD & IYD took place in a challenging context. The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures have led to worldwide slowing down and in most cases closure of educational institutions, threatening the continuity of learning and development. In an effort to support recovery, Airtel collaborated with YouLead to give youth an opportunity for uninterrupted skills development online during the pandemic.

Advocating certain skills important to Airtel such as critical thinking, leadership, innovation, technological literacy and diversity, the campaign featured a resource site,, which hosted content including a series of videos highlighting the role of these skills in successful careers followed by multiple webinars to further hone in on the practical content and the importance of these skills at the work place.

Commenting on the partnership, Airtel's CEO & Managing Director, Ashish Chandra said: “The digital age has been characterised by a rapid shift from traditional industry to an economy primarily based upon information technology. Hence, it is vital that our youth recognize and adapt to the emerging skills demanded by this broader shift. Doing so will be the key to leveraging new opportunities. As a telco which champions youth empowerment in Sri Lanka, we are happy to partner with YouLead in training the next generation on innovation, problem solving, critical thinking, technology literacy and many other skills essential for them to thrive in the workplace of the future.” Funded by the American people, YouLead works to improve technical and vocational education and training, create a more skilled workforce, and increase employment by undertaking activities that support and strengthen students, teachers, institutions, and entrepreneurs. It is supported by the U.S. Government’s development arm, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The ‘21FOR21’ campaign concluded with a photography competition calling in submissions to capture “skills in action” at workplaces. The winners of the photography competition were awarded a smartphone device provided by Airtel, which could be utilised for work/studyfrom-home purposes.

As a global initiative spearheaded by Sri Lanka and adopted by the UN general assembly in December 2014, WYSD also serves as a reminder to young people and educators alike to cultivate demand-driven, industry-focused, high quality technical and vocational skills to generate youth employability. According to the Sri Lanka Labour Force Survey, only 30% of youth aged 15-24 entered the labour force and among these 21.4% were unemployed which was 53.4% of the total unemployment rate in Sri Lanka (Department of Census and Statistics, 2018).

- Photo
caption:-The 21for21 ‘Skills at Work’ photo competition recently concluded with the winner’s prize giving held at Airtel Lanka Head Office, World Trade Center. (L to R): 3 winners – Mr. Nishanth Rajasegaram, Mr. Tharindu Dileepa, Mr. Kanchana Herath together with Mr, Chandrashekhar Singh Chauhan, Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Lanka, Mr. Reed Aeschliman, Mission Director, USAID Sri Lanka and Maldives, Ms. Vindya Silva, Partnerships Director, YouLead and Mr. Fawaz Nizamdeen, Head – Contact Experience Airtel.

Airtel and NIMH launches Sri Lanka’s first mental health chatline

October 2020

October 06th, 2020: Sri Lanka now has its own text-based helpline for those facing emotional and mental distress. Airtel Lanka together, with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), launched the text-based platform 1926, a dedicated helpline to encourage an open culture around mental health.

The service is free for Airtel customers and is also accessible for users of other mobile networks. In times of need, a user only has to send a simple text message to 1926, and this will be responded immediately by a mental health specialist from NIMH.

The chat line will go live on 10th of October in commemoration of World Mental Health Day 2020, connecting users to professional counsellors who are available in English, Sinhala, and Tamil languages. The 1926 text-based helpline by Airtel hopes to encourage more young people to reach out to professionals, particularly when they are experiencing times of crisis and may require guidance in mitigating their mental health concerns in a safe and anonymous environment.

Connecting to the launch over Airtel Blue Jeans, CEO and Managing Director, Ashish Chandra said, “Digital technologies are transforming learning, socializing and communication among youth.Our brand is heavily engaged with young Sri Lankans and we are very much aware that they prefer to use digital platforms to engage and find solutions. At Airtel, we are always looking at ways to create meaningful connections for our customers by blending technology with human needs and this is one such initiative.”

Speaking at the event, Dr. Pushpa Ranasinghe, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, NIMH said, “With the introduction of the 1926 voice-based hotline in 2018, there has been a gradual increase in the number of people, proactively seeking help to cope with anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health concerns and directing them to the closest help center.” She further added, “Mobile phones and text messaging, in particular, have rapidly become the preferred communication tool among the youth, creating a culture connected to its phones. As healthcare professionals, our dependency on technology is now important than ever before. And as a result of its advancements, we can find improved ways of being accessible to those who need help. We are thankful to Airtel for helping us evolve 1926 from a voice to a text-based helpline.” The event concluded with a panel discussion on addressing mental health for all through greater investments and access. The session was moderated by mental health advocate Shanuki De Alwis featuring, Dr. Pushpa Ranasinghe – Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, National Institute of Mental Health, Nivendra Uduman - Psychologist, and Kanishka Ranaweera – Head of HR, Airtel Lanka. The NIMH established the ‘1926’ phone hotline in 2018 as part of a concerte effort to address legitimate concerns around the growing public health issues, to provide those in mental or emotional distress to seek assistance.

1 - Dr. Pushpa Ranasinghe – Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, National Institute of Mental Health
Image 2 & 3 – Mr. Ashish Chandra CEO & Managing Director of Airtel Lanka joing the launch over Airtel Blue Jeans from India
Image 4 & 5 – A panel discussion on “Mental Health for all, greater investment, greater access for everyone, everywhere” featuring mental health advocate Shanuki De Alwis featuring, Dr. Pushpa Ranasinghe – Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, National Institute of Mental Health, Nivendra Uduman - Psychologist, and Kanishka Ranaweera – Head of HR, Airtel

Airtel to introduce world class 4G services using superior spectrum

October 2020

- High speed Airtel 4G will operate in the efficient 850 Mhz band and deliver a differentiated network experience through superior indoor coverage

October 21st, 2020: Airtel Lanka today said that it has been allotted 4G spectrum by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) and will soon launch its high speed mobile broadband services across the country.

Airtel 4G will operate in the efficient 850 Mhz band, which has higher signal propagation. This will translate into a superior 4G network expeience for customers with wider network avaialbaility and most importantly better indoor coverage.

Customers can also look forward to unlocking best-in-class digital experience over Airtel 4G with a wide range of applications across entertainment and self-care from Airtel’s global portfolio. According to Airtel Lanka Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Ashish Chandra, “We are thankful to the Government of Sri Lanka and the TRCSL for allotting us the 4G spectrum. We look forward to delighting customers across Sri Lanka with world-class 4G services. The 850 MHz band will enable us to deliver a truly differentiated high speed network experience to our customers with superior indoor coverage, which is a must in today’s scenario of work from home and online education.”

Airtel Lanka becomes sole mobile telco ranked among the Top 40 Best Work Places 2020

November 2020

Sri Lanka’s most popular youth-telco brand, Airtel Lanka was once again ranked among the Top 40 Best Workplaces for a fourth time by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Commenting on this recognition, Airtel Lanka’s CEO & Managing Director, Ashish Chandra said, “Ultimately, it is people that give life to culture, and culture that gives rise to greatness. Our continuing success is therefore, a product of truly empowered teams, passionate about what they do and the connections they make through collaborative working.”

Particularly in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Airtel’s efforts underwent a radical acceleration as employees embraced the challenge of redesigning operations to suite the ‘new normal’ utilising technology and organisational agility to ensure business continuity. Not only did this timely transition play an integral role to create a seamless customer experience but also facilitated a gamut of workplace solutions.

This also included a shift in intra-office interactions towards online platforms, and tech-driven human resource solutions. From recruitment to digital on-boarding, job engagement, communications, capability development programmes, the telco honed in on its technical and global best practices to facilitate for a hassle-free and efficient working experience. Furthermore, Airtel’s consistent top positioning at Great Place to Work rankings is a reflection of the their continued commitment to creating an enabling office environment and enriching work experiences through inclusive and flexible policies designed to encourage and incentivise collaboration, creativity and innovation.

The telco embraces a culture that respects diversity and promotes equal opportunity – regardless of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. Notably, Airtel was also ranked among the Top 10 Best Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka at the inaugural edition of the Best Workplaces for Women Study 2019.

Airtel Lanka also works closely with the Employer Federation of Ceylon to provide training for persons with disabilities and based on the potential of the trainee has also extended their position at the telco through employment opportunities. Furthermore, all employee benefits are extended to third party employees, thereby promoting organisational citizenship behaviour and making Airtel a great workplace for all.

Great Place to Work Sri Lanka derives its rankings based on anonymous employee surveys, an evaluation of people practices and an in-depth culture audit prior to bestowing the credential of Great Place to Work on any company.

Headquartered in the USA, Great Place to Work is the global authority on high-trust, highperformance workplace cultures. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services, and certification programs, including Best Workplaces lists and workplace reviews, Great Place to Work provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and recognise outstanding workplace cultures. Great Place to Work provides executive advisory and culture consulting services to businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in over 57 countries across five continents, including Sri Lanka.

Airtel hailed as ‘Company with Great Managers’ for third year running

November 2020

For the third year in a row, Sri Lanka’s most popular youth-telco brand, Airtel Lanka was recognized as a ‘Company with Great Managers’ while its leadership team clinched three awards at the Great Manager Awards 2020. Airtel Lanka Senior Manager for Service Operations and Risk Management -Chaminda Wanasinghe, Senior Manager for Legal and Regulatory - Senani Irugalbandara and Head of Postpaid Retail Sales - Isfar Anwardeen, were each presented with awards for their efforts in leading successful cross-functional teams.

Celebrating his team’s accomplishments, Bharti Airtel Lanka CEO, Ashish Chandra said, “We are proud to be recognized as a company synonym with a rich organizational culture. The consistent recognition resonates with our reputation as being one of Sri Lanka’s Best Places to Work.” The coveted Great Manager Awards aim to define and build an ecosystem and culture that nurtures great managers in Sri Lanka through a set of stringent leadership competency evaluations, measuring management style, execution, and integrity. Nominated managers are assessed on key managerial criteria based on a global benchmark and an evaluation model followed by an interview with industry experts.

Airtel’s unique working culture is derived from its values: Alive, Inclusive and Respectful. The company strives to be Alive to the needs of users and employees, an Inclusive champion of diversity that fully embraces change, and Respectful to all. Skills development at every level of the organsiation is another critical component of Airtel’s team including through flagship initiatives like its ‘Lead Right’ programme that specifically focuses on promoting effective management. The Great Manager Awards, annually hosted by the Colombo Leadership Academy for Leadership Excellence, is an initiative taken towards identifying, assessing and recognizing organizations with ‘Great Managers’, benchmarking with the best of best in the arena. The ‘Company with Great Managers’ award recognizes the organization for its credibility and practices in nurturing leaders of the next generation through a culture of high performance

Airtel launches ‘Unlimited Pack’ for streaming and social networking

November 2020

-Single pack providing unlimited streaming and social networking on YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Further consolidating its presence as the most preferred mobile service provider among youth, Airtel introduced an unlimited streaming and social networking combo data pack. This data offering by Airtel provides unlimited access to four of the most popular social networking platforms of the country; YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The data pack was developed to cater to the surge in usage among social networking, messaging and streaming applications as Sri Lankans continue to practice safe social distancing measures throughout the country. With no hidden costs, users will be able to stream unlimited content via YouTube and Facebook.

This offering also enables users to browse, chat, upload or download any given amount of content on the four select apps without any interruption. The ‘unlimited pack’ is available to be purchased as an optional add-on to the user’s pre-existing data package.

Designed to deliver value beyond the standard browsing or streaming packages in the market today, the Airtel ‘unlimited pack’ is available at a competitive price point of Rs.286. This plan can be used for a period of 30 days and is currently available for both prepaid and post-paid users. It may be purchased via the “My Airtel” app, at any communication outlet or by simply dialing in *286# via the user’s Airtel enabled device. To find out more details visit or visit the ‘My Airtel’ app. -

Airtel launches 1926 mental health chat-line together with NIMH

November 2020

Airtel Sri Lanka, the most preferred telco by the youth, recently launched Sri Lanka’s first ever text-based mental health helpline in partnership with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The service which went live on World Mental Health Day 2020, is free for Airtel customers and is also accessible for users of other mobile networks.

Connecting to the launch over video, CEO and Managing Director, Ashish Chandra said,“Digital technologies are transforming learning, socializing and communication among youth. Our brand is heavily engaged with young Sri Lankans and we are very much aware that they prefer to use digital platforms to engage and find solutions. At Airtel, we are always looking at ways to create meaningful connections for our customers by blending technology with human needs and this is one such initiative.”

The event took place alongside a panel discussion addressing this year’s theme for World Mental Health Day; “Mental health for all through greater investments and access”. The session was moderated by mental health advocate Shanuki De Alwis featuring, Dr. Pushpa Ranasinghe – Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, National Institute of Mental Health, Nivendra Uduman - Psychologist, and Kanishka Ranaweera – Head of HR, Airtel Lanka.

Addressing the gathering, Airtel’s Head of HR, Kanishka Ranaweera said, “Outside our business operations, a majority of our work focuses on empowering the next generation of Sri Lankan’s. From sports, to vocational training to even cybersecurity training, Airtel has been in the forefront of creating a lasting impact in education, careers and the lives of young people.”

According to the latest survey conducted by the World Health Organization, the ongoing pandemic has disrupted or halted critical mental health services in 93% of countries worldwide. As Sri Lankan’s continue to engage in social distancing, the introduction of the chat-line will be an important means for the youth of the country to continue to receive professional assistance in mitigating their mental health concerns in a safe and anonymous environment.

The launch of the 1926 text based chat-line is the latest activity in relation to youth empowerment conducted by the telco. Recently, the telco commemorated World Youth Skills Day 2020 together with the USAID project, YouLead by engaging in a series of vocational guidance webinars focusing on “skills in the workplace”. Another notable activity by Airtel together with World Vision was a series of online safety awareness drives for school teachers and principals which reached over 6,000 educators across the country. Similarly, the telco has also engaged in multiple youth and sports skills Press Release development programmes including ‘Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest’ which concluded in 2019 and ‘Airtel Rising Stars’ the telco’s novelty youth sports programmes launched in association with Manchester United.

Image 1 – Mr. Ashish Chandra CEO & Managing Director of Airtel Lanka joining the launch over Airtel Blue Jeans from India
Image 2 – CEO & MD of Airtel Lanka Mr. Ashish Chandra, Chief Marketing Officer Airtel Lanka Mr. Chandrashekar Singh Chauhan , Senior Consultant Psychiatrist NIMH Dr. Pushpa Ranasinghe, Director NIMH Dr. Dhammika Wijesinghe, Deputy Director General - Non
Image 3– The panellists Shanuki De Alwis – Mental Health Advocate, Dr. Pushpa Ranasinghe – Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, National Institute of Mental Health, Nivendra Uduman - Psychologist, and Kanishka Ranaweera – Head of HR, Airtel Lanka.

Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest player selected to play in the Ottawa Club Cricket Circuit in Canada

March 2020

Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest pace bowling prodigy, Arun Pragasham has been selected to play in the Ottawa Club Cricket Circuit, representing the Nepean Cricket Club. As the only Sri Lankan transfer player to be tapped for the club this year, Arun credits the fast bowling competition as being pivotal in opening the door for his career as a professional pace bowler – both locally and now overseas.

“It’s extremely exciting for me to have been selected to play for the Nepean Cricket Club. Before I started the Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest competition, cricket was already a big part of my life. But Sri Lanka has so many talented players that I was never certain that I would be able to continue playing at a professional level. That is why I really want to thank Airtel for creating this opportunity for me to make my dreams a reality.”

“During the programme, I got to train with one of my cricketing heroes Chaminda Vaas. He selected me to the emerging category of the competition and coached me to develop my pace by improving my technique, and focusing my mindset. My ultimate dream is to play for Sri Lanka at an international level. So I’m definitely going to give every opportunity I get, my maximum effort,” Arun explained.

Following his debut on Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest, Arun currently plays for the Moors Cricket Club clocking in an average bowling speed of 139 Km/h, and is now eager to gain invaluable experience during his upcoming 4 month stint within the Ottawa Club Cricket Circuit. Cricket was introduced to the Ottawa region in 1840 and was among the earliest places within the continent where the game gained its popularity. With over 25 clubs present within the circuit, cricket remains a popular sport among the Ontarians.

“This is a proud moment for all of us at Airtel. We warmly congratulate Arun on his selection and we want him to know that all of us will be rooting for him as he proves his mettle in Ottawa. With Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest, we aimed to provide an equal platform in which young bowling talent from all corners of the island could be recognised, nurtured and developed. It’s gratifying to see that representing Sri Lanka at an international level is no longer a distant dream for our young talent. We hope that Arun’s stringent progression after Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest inspire more young Sri Lankans to dream bigger and better,” Airtel’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chandrashekhar Singh Chauhan said.

The young fast bowler began his journey towards fame with Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest as part of the 145 select out of the 10,000 initial applicants from around the island. After the inaugural selection, the top 45 fastest bowlers were selected for a second round, which included coaching camps and 1:1 sessions with Airtel’s ‘Super Star Coaching Team’ comprising of legendary death bowling sensation, Lasith Malinga together with icons of the game such as Chaminda Vaas, Hashan Tilakaratne and Upul Chandana. A crowd favourite, Arun came in 3rd place from the over 19 category.

The Nepean Cricket Club (NCC) is a prominent full member of Ottawa Valley Cricket Council which plays the three formats of the game: 50 overs, 40 overs and 20 overs game. NCC is known for its structural development and behavior in and off the field, has debuted more than 100 players and has almost 35+ active players representing them every year.

-Image 1-Arun Pragasham recording a scorching speed of 139 Km/h at the finale of “Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest” which was held at the Rangiri Dambulla International Cricket Stadium

Image 2- Arun with his mentor, former spinner Upul Chandana.

Image 3- The pacie came in third place from the over 19 category from “Airtel Sri Lanka’s

Fastest” bowling competition

Team Airtel Lanka commemorates World Cancer Day 2020

March 2020

In an effort to raise awareness on Cancer, Airtel Lanka held a Cancer Awareness Week for employees in commemoration of World Cancer Day 2020. According to the World Cancer Day initiative, 9.6 million people die of cancer every year. However, at least 1/3rd of common cancers are preventable.

During the one week programme, employees were provided with insights into how simple lifestyle choices could help lower their risk of cancer, as well as an overview of the detection and treatment of the disease. Employees also engaged in a competition where two staff members were awarded a valuable cancer related health screening each.

The Cancer Awareness Week concluded with the Airtel team joining together to raise funds for essential medical items which were donated to the Apeksha Hospital in Maharagama.

Airtel partners with NIMH to create awareness on mental health during COVID-19

April 2020

Pandemics, such as the current COVID-19, can have implications on mental health. To support and manage well-being during these stressful times, Airtel Lanka announced a series of initiatives and a partnership with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to raise awareness on looking after your mental health.

Drawing on the expertise of experienced mental-health professionals and counsellors at NIMH, Airtel will be utilising its strong link with young Sri Lankans to drive out messages of support and solidarity, while providing practical insights on common mental health issues that could emerge in times of crisis.

“It is paramount to consider mental well-being as part and parcel of the public health response to COVID-19. Recognising this lacuna we, the team at NIMH are reaching out to the general public to encourage everyone to utilize the mitigation methods that we have shared with the support of Airtel. During this pandemic there has been a spike in anxiety and for those of us who are suffering in isolation, know this: you are not alone. Looking out for each other and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while remaining physically distant will remain crucial as we address the pandemic together.” said Dr. Dhammika Wijesinghe, Director, NIMH Sri Lanka.

Staying engaged and entertained

Throughout the lockdown period, the telco will continue to provide all its users with free entertainment via Airtel Movie Box. Accessible through the ‘My Airtel’ App, users will have their choice of over 500 movies – the largest online library of Sri Lankan films in the country – in high definition and in all three languages. The library includes movies going back to the golden era of the silver screen all the way through to the latest releases.

Empowering e-education

While the temptation to avoid educational commitments during the lockdown period may be significant, the telco also urged young Sri Lankans not to neglect their education. In order to support Airtel users to continue their studies during the lockdown, the telco facilitated free access to ‘e-thaksalawa’, the official e-learning platform by the Ministry of Education, for schools with learning material from grade 1 through to grade 13 and University hosted elearning platform, ‘LEARN’.

‘My Airtel’ App bolstered as one-stop shop for all user needs

Airtel customers can additionally top-up and recharge while staying indoors using their ‘My Airtel’ App or through the Airtel website. Airtel App offers many options to customers such as 25% discount on exclusive data bundles, ‘work from home’ higher data packs and additional bonus talk time to name a few. Selected exclusive offers are also available by banks and other payment partners for the ease of customers. Airtel is also offering its customers a chance to earn from home when you recharge another Airtel prepaid number through the ‘My Airtel’ App.

Additionally an emergency loan facility is offered for all Airtel mobile prepaid customers who are unable to purchase top up cards or reload.

“Ever since the lockdown was first implemented a month prior, the Airtel team has been doing everything to help our customers navigate through this challenging time, while strictly abiding with the directives for social distancing. We have all come to rely on technology to help us through the COVID crisis, by keeping us connected and enabling us to work, study, or stay entertained online.” Airtel Lanka Chief Marketing Officer, Chandrashekhar Singh Chauhan said.

Airtel keeps users in flood affected regions connected with free call & data benefits

May 2020

Responding to flooding and landslides caused by tropical cyclone Amphan, Airtel Lanka helped its customers stay connected by providing free talk-time and data. The benefit was extended to customers residing in over 23 affected towns in the Nuwara Eliya and Ratnapura districts.

Commenting on the initiative, Airtel’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chandrashekhar Singh Chauhan stated: “We are deeply concerned about the well-being of our customers who have been adversely affected by these extreme weather conditions. Especially considering the fact that they have to deal with the twin impacts of the storm as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Airtel felt it was an urgent priority to support our users to stay safe and stay connected during these difficult times.”

Airtel users from other parts of the country may also join the relief effort by recharging, sharing their credit or paying the bills of their friends and family member’s affected by the crisis using the ‘My Airtel’ App. As an added benefit, recharges completed on behalf of another customer, via the ‘My Airtel’ App, are also entitled to the same discounts and promotions which are already available to the users sharing their credit.

‘My Airtel’ is the free customer service app designed for Airtel subscribers in Sri Lanka. Through the app, subscribers may access their user accounts, track data usage, recharge, pay bills and enjoy music and movies – all within one integrated and easy-to-use platform.

Airtel employees provided free oDoc telemedicine consultations

May 2020

• Facility covers all Airtel employees and immediate family
• Provides access to over 600 SLMC registered general practitioners and specialists.

Cementing its status as a preferred employer of choice, Airtel Lanka announced a partnership with revolutionary telemedicine platform, oDoc, to provide all employees and their immediate family members with unlimited free telemedicine consultations. The partnership came into place in March 2020 as Sri Lankan’s began engaging in social distancing efforts and working from home.

This telemedicine facility includes remote access – in English, Sinhala and Tamil - to over 600 Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) registered general physicians and specialists as well as remote lab services and doorstep delivery of prescription medication.

“The safety, health, and wellbeing of every member of our team has always been an utmost priority for Airtel Lanka. Especially given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to ensure that our employees and their loved ones are well looked after and are provided with convenient remote access to top quality healthcare services as and when required through the pioneering oDoc app. oDoc provides a brilliant solution to multiple challenges in accessing healthcare, leveraging the power of telecommunications and mobile technology to connect individuals and solve real world problems. Even as normalcy begins to return in Sri Lanka, we believe that such innovations hold the key to speeding up national recovery efforts.” Head of HR, Airtel Lanka, Kanishka Ranaweera stated.

The timely introduction of this service for Airtel employees will primarily be driven by video consultations via mobile phones saving employees from unnecessary travel and exposure, thereby enabling a healthier and more productive workforce.

Notably, the free consultation service is part of a multipronged strategy from the telco to support employees as more employees return to physical working spaces whilst practising social distancing. Stringent hygiene and safety protocols has been implemented for all Airtel employees working around the clock in order to ensure steady and high quality service to match the surge in demand for connectivity.

Airtel users can also access and pay for oDoc consultations using their debit or credit card. To access the telemedicine facility users may download the oDoc application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store.

Launched in 2017, oDoc is Sri Lanka's largest telemedicine company that connects patients with doctors for video/audio consultations, thus enabling you to get medical advice and medicine without leaving home. oDoc serves over 200,000 Sri Lankans and recently launched international operations in India and the Maldives. oDoc has won the Commonwealth Digital Health Award in Telemedicine as well as the e-Swabhimani Digital Social Impact Award.

Photo Caption- With the oDoc telemedicine app , Airtel employees and immediate family members now have free remote access to over 600 Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) registered general physicians and specialists.

Team Airtel Lanka contributes to COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund

June 2020

Supporting the efforts of the Government and public health officials, Airtel Lanka donated proceeds raised through the ‘Airtel Lanka Employee Fund’ to the National COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund.

‘Airtel Lanka Employee Fund’ is a voluntary donation programme, whereby the company match the contribution made by the Airtel employees. Similar initiatives have been utilised by Airtel globally to support efforts against COVID in India and Kenya.

Photo Caption: The cheque was presented to the Presidential Secretariat Director General of Administration, Major General K.B Egodawele.

Airtel offers latest data package for users studying and working from home

July 2020

Responding to Sri Lanka’s surge in data utilization due to the rising engagement in e-learning platforms, meetings and live streaming, Airtel Lanka announced the launch of its latest Study from Home (SFH) and Work from Home (WFH) data package.

Despite the return of near normalcy in life, there is a shifting dynamic in the workforce with preference to continue WFH. Similarly, most schools, parents and students are resorting to distance learning tools and online platforms, owing to the widespread availability and ease of use of technologies to collaborate and stay in constant contact.

This latest data package is developed to make SFH and WFH even more conceivable as the offering will provide limitless usage for a period of 30 days for distance learning tools and elearning websites, namely, Google Classrooms, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 and other government mandated e-learning platforms.

The package provides access to safe and secure websites for persons of all ages and is ideal for those learning from home as there is no requirement for any data add-ons. All similar platforms will be available for those working from home and any data usage outside these stated platforms will come under the user’s existing data plan.

The new data plan comes in at a price point of Rs.1499 excluding taxes and is available for both pre-paid and post-paid customers. The SFH and WFH data offer comes as an optional add-on pack, is available for usage from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and can be purchased via the ‘My Airtel’ self-servicing application. To find out more details visit or visit the ‘My Airtel’ app.

Airtel launches ‘Data Double, Awasi Double’ 100%

January 2020

- 100% additional data on all Rs.99 recharges via the ‘My Airtel’ App Cementing its presence as the most preferred mobile service provider among youth, Airtel Lanka recently announced ‘Data Double, Awasi Double’ the telco’s latest package which provides double data benefits. The new offer aims to provide users with maximum value by delivering 100% extra data on Rs. 99 recharges via the ‘My Airtel’ App.

Designed to deliver value beyond the standard talk-time focused packages in the market today, Airtel users can now leverage on ‘Data Double, Awasi Double’ to suit their data preference. The new bundle is geared to support Airtel’s broader mission to offer a complete smartphone experience to as many Sri Lankans as possible.

The Rs.99 pack, was initially introduced with the benefit of equivalent value in talk time, inclusive of 1,000 SMS and 350 MB of data under a 21 day validity period. With the launch of ‘Data Double, Awasi Double’ Airtel customers can now benefit an additional 350 MB amounting to 700 MB of data, upon purchase via the ‘My Airtel’ App. Customers may use their mobile wallet, debit or credit card to purchase the Rs. 99 pack on My Airtel app.

“As a brand that is strongly linked with Sri Lankan youth, we are always looking for innovative ways to cater to this segment’s evolving preferences; particularly in relation to their rapidly increasing demand for data and text over voice services. Products such as Airtel ‘Data Double, Awasi Double’ are designed especially to suit these evolving consumer requirements of staying connected throughout the day. Additionally, the benefits of the new product are accessible via the My Airtel App, as these same consumers prefer transacting online as opposed to traditional methods.” Airtel’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chandrashekhar Singh Chauhan said.

Alongside the launch of ‘Data Double, Awasi Double,’ Airtel also initiated the ‘Airtel 99 Tik Tok Challenge’. To enter the challenge users may upload a creative video onto their Tik Tok accounts, using the promotional soundtrack with the hashtag #airteldoubledata. The soundtrack can be searched as ‘Airtel 99 Tik Tok’ on the social networking page. The winner of the competition will receive a smartphone while the runner up and the second runner up will be able to take home a cash prize. The ‘Airtel 99 Tik Tok challenge’ ends on the 15th of March 2020.

My Airtel is the free customer service app designed for Airtel subscribers in Sri Lanka. Through the app, subscribers may access their user accounts, track data usage, recharge, pay bills and enjoy music and movies – all within one integrated and easy-to-use platform. In order to gain the maximum out of their connection, Airtel also provides users with the option to convert to a 4G SIM free of charge. To start the conversion, users need simply dial 780 or *780# and visit their nearest SIM change outlets. Recharge packs will also be available island wide at any Airtel Store or any retailer.

Airtel introduces anytime bonus data rewards

January 2020

- No hidden divisions between day and night usage
- Most rewarding and flexible offering in the market

Responding to rising demand for greater value, convenience, and flexibility in mobile data, Sri Lanka’s most youth-focused telco brand, Airtel Lanka, announced a new bonus data scheme to reward its loyal customers.

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Airtel users can grab upto 50% additional data on various data packages, at no extra charge. With zero hidden restrictions the ‘App Bonus Data’ scheme is available to all customers and can easily be obtained through data recharges, reloads, web purchases and in-app purchases – via credit or debit cards.

To redeem the bonus data, Airtel customers can login to their MyAirtel app and simply click on the rewards pop-up and claim the bonus data. For customers who do not already have the MyAirtel app installed, an auto generated message with the app link will be shared upon the purchase of mobile data.

“Recognizing the evolution in data consumption patterns, we at Airtel are proactively working on providing solutions to enhance our customer’s experience. Whilst looking for speed and value, consumers have already established expectations and preferences for their digital consumption which has no limitations based on day or night.”

“By breaking down the barrier between day and night-time usage, we give the Sri Lankan mobile user total control as to how and when they spend their data with no hidden conditions or restrictions. This is part of a wider strategy that we are driving aimed at empowering users by giving them the maximum in choice,” Airtel’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Jinesh Hegde said.

In order to gain the maximum out of their connection, Airtel also provides users with the option to convert to a 4G SIM free of charge, bundled with a further 5GB of free mobile data. To start the conversion, users need simply dial 780 or *780# and visit their nearest SIM change outlets.

#AirtelThanks is the telco’s exclusive rewards program which is construed to the benefit of all Airtel users by a customized rewarding system, free digital content, VAS offers and other exclusive benefits based on their usage. Customers can claim these benefits and other exclusive offers, deals and discounts through the ‘My Airtel’ App. ‘My Airtel’ is the free customer service app designed for all Airtel subscribers in Sri Lanka. Through the ‘My Airtel’ app, subscribers may access their user accounts, track data usage, recharge, pay bills and enjoy music and movies.

Driving growth at the frontlines: Airtel Sales team wins at SLIM NASCO 2019

December 2019

Airtel Lanka’s continuous investments in training and skills development led to two of their best sales team members winning Gold and Bronze Awards at the recently concluded SLIM NASCO Awards 2019. Airtel Lanka, Senior Territory Executive, Bishrul Suhaib was presented with the Gold Award for Sales Executive/ Supervisor in Telecommunication under the “Best of the Best” category while Airtel Lanka, Territory Manager, Ishan Malwattage was declared the Bronze Award winner in the Territory Manager in Telecommunication category.

Reinforcing the telco’s position as a preferred employer of choice, Airtel Lanka extends to all it’s employees career development opportunities such as the Field Sales Executive (FSE) Development program which played a key role in the success of the recently recognised sales team members.

“Airtel Lanka’s people strategy is focused on enhancing and empowering each employee through investments in training and skills development complemented with a culture that values and rewards commitment and creativity. The awards which Bishrul Suhaib and Ishan Malwattage won at this year’s SLIM NASCO provide proof that that our approach truly brings out the best in our people, and we warmly congratulate both of them on their superb achievements,” Airtel Lanka CEO/MD, Jinesh Hegde stated.

Demonstrating their ability to the SLIM NASCO interview panel, both Suhaib and Malwattage presented on the innovative and user-friendly sales tactics that they applied to achieve sales targets. From a managerial perspective, Suhaib also demonstrated on the measures taken to empower his team and thereby his contribution to sustain the telco’s reputation as a sought after employer of choice. The team was further assessed on their performance over the selected assessment period, their potential or likelihood to move up in the sales hierarchy and the strategic value that they bring into the business while accomplishing their key performance indicators.

Notably, both of Airtel’s winning employees were recruited through its distributor network as part of its growing team of Field Sales Executive’s. These employees have been pivotal in the continuing success and rapid growth of the company.

The FSE Development programme also encompasses life and work skills education initiatives focusing on enhancing foundational skills, technical training and support to help them advance in their careers. Initially, every FSE goes through an orientation/induction training at the time of joining Airtel and they are exposed to quarterly training at regional levels which create an opportunity to upskill and expand their vocational capabilities.

Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) is the National body for Marketing in Sri Lanka and has been promoting marketing excellence and elevating the status of marketing since 1970. In 2010, SLIM went one step further and introduced the inaugural NASCO awards program which became the premier event for sales fraternity to recognize sales personnel among a range of industries.

Bharti Airtel Lanka wins at the National Business Excellence Awards 2019

December 2019

Airtel Lanka received the ‘Runner Up’ award in the ‘Other Services/Other Sectors’ category and was the only mobile telecom operator to be recognised at the 16th National Business Excellence Awards (NBEA) 2019.

The telco has been on a winning streak with prestigious awards such as ‘The Top 25 Best Workplaces’ in Sri Lanka, the only telco among the ‘10 Best Workplaces for Women’ in Sri Lanka, awarded by the Institute of Great Place to Work. Simultaneously, Airtel was recognised at the CMO Awards as Sri Lanka’s ‘Best Brand’, ‘Best Employer Brand’ and ‘Best Innovation for Retention Strategy’ by the World HRD Congress. Airtel was also awarded as a ‘Company with Great Managers’ along with 3 individual Great Manager Awards presented by the Colombo Leadership Academy in partnership with People Business India. They also secured a Gold and Bronze awards in the Sales Executive/Supervisor in Telecommunication and Territory Manager in Telecommunication categories at SLIM NASCO organised by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing, all in the concluding year.

These recognition’s are a true result of Airtel’s continued investments in creating an enabling work environment and an enriching work experience for its employees, reflecting the success of the organisation as an employer of choice in the telecommunication industry providing exceptional employment experience whilst displaying business excellence.

The NBEA is one of Sri Lanka’s pioneering award competitions initiated by The National Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka in 2004 and has maintained a reputation of unparalleled corporate excellence, gaining much recognition as the symbol of excellence for the best of the best businesses in Sri Lanka.

From Left: Lakmal Ranasinghe (Finance), Rumal Warnakulasuriya (Marketing), Kushani Ambawatte (Customer Experience), Surangi Rajapakse (CEO’s Office) , Kanishka Ranaweera (Head HR), Jinesh Hegde (CEO/MD), Sureni Dayaratne Wijesinghe (HR) , Shara Rajaguru (HR), Savini Pandikorala (Finance), Shafiya Careem (Marketing), Dumindu Thilakaratne (Network), Suhaib Bishrul (Sales), Ishan Malwattage (Sales)

Airtel Airpay: First telco to offer Direct Carrier Billing for Google Play Store in Sri Lanka since 2017

December 2019

Recently Sri Lanka became the first country in South Asia to declare e-sports as a national sport, and with 32 million mobile subscriptions and counting, we have been on a fast track to a digitally inclusive society.

Apps are big businesses, and even locally, they have contributed to a surge in the local gaming industry, home-based businesses and overall entertainment. However, limited traditional payment options such as cash-on-delivery & pre-order bank deposits, have created hurdles for localization of the digital experience. Given these limitations, are we truly ready to embracethe rising tide of in-app purchases?

With the emergence of Airtel’s “Airpay” Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) service, it has been clear that most young Sri Lankans are not just open, but are also eager to start transacting online, they just need convenient platforms, easy access and assured reliability. This dynamic can readily be seen in the massive 10x growth that Airpay has recorded on transactions made within the Google Play Store by Sri Lankan youth, leveraging on Airtel Lanka’s increasingly popular DCB service over the past two years since its launch.

What is Airtel Airpay and Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)?

Launched in 2017, Airpay was the first very first Direct Carrier Billing (“DCB”) service to hit the Sri Lankan market. DCB is an online payment method which allows users to make purchases on Google Play Store by charging payments to their phone bill or by using their pre-paid balance.

To avoid accidental purchases, Airpay is bundled with an easy-to-use refund option which is visible immediately on the purchased app and lasts for two hours. Users can keep a full track of their Airpay purchases via the ‘Order History’ in their Google Play account menu.

How secure is Airpay?

Forget instilling multiple buffer zones between fraudand your checking account or your personal cash because AirtelAirpay offers several layers of security when conducting transactions. The most customary security detail is the user verifying their identity by providing their google account password prior to any purchase.Airtel Airpay is directly linked to the user’s phone credit and the DCB service does not call for you to store your card or any other personal information on your device. This means that throughout all your purchases, Airpay will not gather your data or share any data points with a third party. This also means that with Airpay, unlike a card swipe or even an e-wallet, there is no static datawhich can be skimmed at any future date.

Why is DCB more popular?

Youno longer have to own a credit card, debit card or even a bank account to shop on Google Play Store. This is great news for the average Sri Lankan online shopper and even so for younger usersas they can be wary of saving card details and personal information online over fears of identity theft, accidental purchases and the additional banking charges.

As more young Sri Lankans flock to online portals to meet their demand for everything from shopping to entertainment, cashless payments would likely take on special significance for young Sri Lankans who live outside of the Western Province, who typically do not have access to credit or debit cards until they leave school or start their first job.

So how do you use Airpay?

Customers can easily access Airpay on their android handsets by adding ‘Use Airtel Billing’ in the payment methods of their Google Play account menu. Once the selection process is complete, the user can simply click on ‘Buy’ on their favourite content, select ‘Bill my Airtel account’ and provide their Google account password to confirm the purchase.

Airtel Lanka, the only Telco to be ranked a Top 10 Best Workplace for Women in Sri Lanka

November 2019

Cementing its place as a preferred employer of choice, Airtel Lanka, became the first telco in the country to be ranked among the Top 10 Best Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka in the inaugural edition of the Best Workplaces for Women Study 2019. At present, amongst the Airtel female workforce; 63% occupy a managerial role, 57% are working mothers and, 70% are married.

An initiative by the Great Place to Work Sri Lanka together with the Women in Management Sri Lanka, the results of the study were compiled through an analysis of anonymous surveys exploring the extent to which women are integrated into an organisation.

The survey also focused on the degree to which women in an organisation feel supported reach their full potential, together with an analysis of their daily experience in the office relative to those of their male counterparts. This was combined with an objective comparison of women’s representation at different levels in the organisation, with a particular focus on women in management.

“We are honoured to be in the inaugural list of Best Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka. It validates our Human Resource strategy in creating a workplace focused on empowering our people to perform to their fullest potential. Our strategies especially look at removing the barriers which prevent women from performing to the fullest. We are confident that these values hold the key to the continued success of Airtel.” Airtel Lanka CEO/MD, Jinesh Hegde said.

Airtel as a telco, adopts a holistic approach to Human Resource Management which is primarily focused on empowering employees to achieve their fullest potential leveraging on progressive policies, skills development, and an open, idea-driven culture.

Among the numerous practices which helped Airtel to secure its place amongst the Top 10 Best Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka was its policy of providing all Airtel employees with agile working such as flexi-hours and work from home opportunities during contingencies – an often underappreciated feature which enables more women to continue pursuing their careers while managing their personal obligations. At Airtel, women are given the freedom to move between divisions which are traditionally considered male dominant.

The company also insists on a fair parental leave policy, providing 26 weeks of maternity leave and one week of paternal leave for all eligible employees – well above the minimum legal requirements of the country. The organisation believes such policies are vital given that over 400,000 Sri Lankan women are kept out of the workforce simply due to lack of access to such flexible working hours.

Notably, Airtel Lanka’s ranking as Top 10 Best Workplaces for Women follows a spate of prestigious awards, recognising the company as being among Sri Lanka’s Top 25 Best Workplaces by Great Place to Work Institute Sri Lanka for two consecutive years. This, in addition to being awarded the Best Employer Brand by the Employer Branding Institute and the World HRD Congress in India.

Great Place to Work, headquartered in the USA provides advisory services, assessments, benchmarks and frameworks to create, sustain and recognise outstanding workplace cultures in over 57 countries and across five continents including Sri Lanka.

Airtel Lanka secures 900MHz spectrum allocation from TRCSL

November 2019

- Enables upgrade of voice and data experience

November 13, 2019: Sri Lanka’s most preferred telco brand among youth, Bharti Airtel Lanka (“Airtel Lanka”), announced that it had secured the allocation of 5MHz of the 900MHz spectrum band from the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL).

The allocation was on an “administrative basis” and based on a pre-published criteria. The criteria mentioned, among other things, “in order to create a level playing field for all 4 Mobile Operators where every operator shall have equal amount of spectrum at all possible times in such economical bands. Therefore, during evaluation of applications the prominence will be given to minimize unequal distribution of radio frequency spectrum (if any) within the above band.” The criteria further mentioned that the “evaluation will be based on to guarantee interference free spectrum”.

“I would like to thank the TRCSL for taking an approach to create a level playing field, which ultimately benefits the end consumer. We have been awarded the spectrum through a transparent process and have already begun using the allocated frequency after paying the required fee to use this 5MHz of spectrum which had been determined on a formula that was applied to all other operators.” Airtel Lanka Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Jinesh Hegde said.

The said spectrum results in wider coverage providing Airtel users with enhanced voice and data experience. This is the first step in a bold strategy from Airtel which aims to leapfrog current benchmarks in order to provide an unbeatable user experience.

Championing a diverse workplace: Airtel partners with EFC to train persons with disabilities

October 2019

• First Telco in Sri Lanka to partner with EFC to provide workplace training for people with disabilities

October 15, 2019:As a brand that resonates with empowering the youth of Sri Lanka, Airtel Lanka signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC), to open up on-the-job training opportunities for people with disabilities.

The initiative began as a pilot project when Airtel recruited a partially,visually impaired individualon a six months training period through EFC’s Employers’ Network on Disability.

“The advancement of technology has empowered people with disabilitiesas individuals capable of contributing to society on a much greater scale by achieving their fullest potential. The diversity of thought and experience that such individuals bring to a workplace is invaluable”.

“The onus is therefore on each of us as employers to understand the obstacles which people with disabilities face, and work to find solutions that will enable these individuals to enter the workforce, understand corporate and business dynamics, and be given the same chance as everyone else to deploy and develop their talents in a professional setting. Airtel Lanka is therefore proud and honoured to be the first telco to partner with the EFC on this vital initiative,” said JineshHegde, Airtel Lanka Chief Executive Officer.

With the agreement finalised, Airtel will now commence a half-yearly training programme that will offer moreparticipants a chance to gain practical experience and insights into the different aspects of the Airtel business model and consumer lifecycle, while the company continues to maintain a holistic and comprehensive policy of inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

“It is indeed a privilege to partner with Airtel Lanka, which is a leading internationally renowned telco within our membership. Their involvement in the Employers Network on Disability by systematically creating opportunities for on-the-job training for people with disabilities has to be lauded. Whilst many initiatives have been taken by employers in this country to offer such opportunities, there still exists much apprehension surrounding people with disabilities that often hinder their ability to enter the workforce and enhance their financial independence. That is why we consider the network’s partnership with Airtel as a shining example to other organisations to implement disability-inclusive strategies at their workplaces.” The Employers' Federation of Ceylon, Director General/ CEO, Kanishka Weerasinghesaid.

The scope of training will include an in-depth focus on key aspects of the dynamic telco working environment, including exposure to sales and customer interaction. Airtel will also seek to actively recruit participants of the programme upon completion based on company requirements.

Operating on the core values of ‘Alive, Inclusive and Respectful,’ this partnership is a reflection of how the organisation champions diversity and promotes equal opportunity for all.

Ranked among the top 25 Best Workplaces and a Top 10 Best Workplace for Women by Great Places to Work in Sri Lanka,the mobile service provider recently was also crowned the Best Employer Brand by the World HRD Congress in recognition of Airtel’s efforts to recruit, retain and hone the best talent in the industry while promoting an enabling work environment and an enriching work experience.

“Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest” winners enter the national arena

October 2019

October 16, 2019: Shayani Senarathna, winner of the Female Open Category of ‘Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest’ competition has been selected to represent Sri Lanka at the inaugural ACC Women’s Emerging Teams Asia Cup 2019 after she was included in the 15-member squad. Consecutively after their exposure into the world of cricket through the competition, six others fom the top 14 next generation of Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest have now gone onto impacting the national arena of Sri Lankan cricket.

Dubbed as the female ‘Slinga Malinga’, Shayani Senarathna, who hails from Kandy, currently clocks a scorching speed of 104 km/h. During the preliminary stages of Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest, the island-wide quest to discover Sri Lanka’s next generation of pace bowling talent, Shayani clocked a bowling speed of 88 km/h. Under the guidance of Sri Lanka’s Former National Bowling Coach Anusha Samaranayake, Shayani improved her speed up to 98 km/h during the third round of the competition where she was selected among the top 14 fast bowlers.

The overall winner of Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest, Eshan Malinga with a speed of 141km/h during the finals is now selected to play for Colombo Cricket Club (CCC). Eshan who is also known as “podi Malinga” began the competition with a speed of 131 km/h. Malindu Shehan who won the over 19 category with a speed of 140 km/h has also been selected to play for the Burgher Recreational Club (BRC). His starting speed in the competition was 123 km/h.

Following their contemporaries from the top 14 finalists, Mohommed Fahim and Rsanjana Aravindu from the over 19 category have now been selected to play for the Police Sports Club and the Tamil Union club respectively. Aravindu has also begun playing for the Sampath Bank Team while Chiran Theikshana and Maleesha Duran from the Under 19 Category have been selected to play for the Burgher Recreation Club.

Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest began in February of 2019 with 10,000 participants from over 11 districts entering the competition from across the country at the initial trials. With a select pool of 145 bowlers, the competition progressed through its different levels while asserting a 360-degree approach to hone the full potential of these fast bowlers. From their first musculoskeletal screening, to on-site training camps and even their very first strength and conditioning sessions, the fast bowlers advanced through the competition under the guidance of Airtels superstar coaching team comprising of Anusha Samaranayake, current Sri Lankan T20 captain and legendary death bowling sensation, Lasith Malinga, together with icons of the Sri Lankan game, Chaminda Vaas, Hashan Tilakaratne and Upul Chandana.

18 year old scorches Airtel's Fastest with 141km/h thunderbolt

October 2019

Following an exhilarating 9-month programme spanning across 11 districts and a talent pool of over 10,000 aspiring hopefuls, Airtel Lanka announced the 3 winners of its trailblazing hunt for Sri Lanka’s next generation of fiery pace bowlers – Airtel Fastest in partnership with Derana.

The first competition of its kind in Sri Lanka, the title of Airtel Fastest was awarded to Eshan Malinga who competed in the under 19 category and recorded a scorching pace of 141 km/h. He was closely followed by Malindu Shehan, who dominated the over 19 category by clocking a bowling speed of 140 km/h.

Meanwhile, a crowd favourite who has been dubbed ‘the Female Slinga Malinga’ by fans, Shayani Senerathna took the champion’s title in the open female category after setting a blazing speed of 104 km/h.

Mohammed Akeel emerged as runner up in the under 19 category with a fiery pace of 134 km/h while Mohammed Faheem was runner up in the over 19 category with a speed of 137 km/h and the talented young Malsha Madushani took the runner up position in the open female category with a highly impressive 101 km/h.

18 year old scorches Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest with a 141 km/h lightning bolt

October 2019

  • Eshan Malinga from Rathnapura crowned as Airtel Fastest and under-19 champ with a scorching 141km/h
  • ‘Female Slinga Malinga’ Shayani Senerathna from Kandy clocks in at 104 km/h to win the open-female category
  • Malindu Shehan from Tangalle wins over 19 title at 140 km/h

Sri Lanka’s pool of prime fast bowling talent is set to receive a fresh burst of energy as Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest, in partnership with Derana - reached an exhilarating finale with the crowning of its 3 winners.

Emerging as the overall winner of the very first Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest contest was Eshan Malinga, who competed in the under 19 category and set the pace for the entire contest, clocking in at a scorching 141 km/h.

Following closely behind was over 19 winner Malindu Shehan who maxed out the speed gun at the finale at 140 km/h, while crowd favourite who has been dubbed ‘the Female Slinga Malinga’ by fans; Shayani Senerathna - clocked in at a blazing 104 km/h to take the champion’s title in the open female category.

“Airtel is driven by a passion for youth empowerment. We are alive to their needs, and we work with them, anticipating, adapting and creating platforms that enrich their lives. With Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest, we sought to unearth young boys and girls from all over Sri Lanka who had the talent to become fast bowlers and to give them access to world-class coaching and mentoring from their own cricketing heroes to realise their dreams of making it to the national squad.

“The results of our signature youth programme is now quite evident. I am proud to say that whilst some of the boys have been recruited be a part of renowned sports clubs, the highlight truly is that all of the top final girls and the winner of Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest have been called for trials in the national squad. We are all extremely proud of the remarkable improvements and fearless determination shown by all who took part in this competition.” Airtel Lanka CEO/MD Jinesh Hegde said.

Notably, the contest also sought to lend support to the runners-up in each category with Mohammed Akeel setting a fiery pace of 134 km/h in the under 19 category, Mohammed Faheem reached a peak speed of 138 km/h in the over 19 category while pace prodigy Malsha Madushani clocked in at an extremely impressive 101 km/h.

The culmination of an exhaustive talent search and training programme designed to seek out and hone the talents of aspiring pace bowlers across the entirety of Sri Lanka, the Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest winners were selected from an initial pool of 10,000 aspiring hopefuls from across the country.

Airtel Sri Lanka’s Fastest in partnership with Derana commenced in February under the guidance of Sri Lanka’s former National Bowling Coach, Anusha Samaranayake, conducting open auditions across 11 districts in Sri Lanka with the goal of identifying gifted, young boys and girls with the potential to eventually play for the national team.

Subsequently, 145 fast bowlers were selected and narrowed down to the top 45 fastest who went through to the second round which included coaching camps and sessions with Airtel’s ‘Super Star coaching team’ comprising of Samaranayake and current Sri Lankan T20 captain and legendary death bowling sensation, Lasith Malinga, together with icons of the Sri Lankan game, Chaminda Vaas, Hashan Tilakaratne and Upul Chandana.

Airtel Lanka pulls off a hat-trick at CMO Asia Awards 2019

August 2019

  • Recognized for innovations in Brand Leadership and HR
  • Crowned Sri Lanka Best Employer Brand by HRD Congress

Consolidating its reputation as one of Sri Lanka’s most dynamic telcos and the preferred brand for young Sri Lankans, Airtel Lanka announced another exceptional performance at the recently concluded CMO Asia Awards 2019, bringing home a total of three awards.

In addition to being presented with the coveted Sri Lanka Brand Leadership Award by World Marketing Congress, Airtel was also crowned Sri Lanka Best Employer Brand, by the World HRD Congress, while the company’s pioneering Field Sales Executive (FSE) Retention Programme won resounding praise as well as the award for Best Innovation in Retention Strategy.

“Customer engagement and satisfaction are our number one priority at Airtel Lanka, and neither of these goals are possible without effective marketing and an enthusiastic and motivated team to back it up. The success we are enjoying as the fastest growing telco in Sri Lanka is a direct result of the investments we have made in our people, as well as understanding and communicating with our customers. Given the exciting developments taking place at Airtel to provide even greater value to our customers, we are confident that more success is around the corner,” Bharti Airtel Lanka's Chief Executive Officer and MD, Jinesh Hegde said.

The Sri Lanka Best Employer Brand Awards are an annual regional event organized in the lead-up to the World HRD Congress Global Employer Brands. Attracting participation from Sri Lanka’s most exemplary leaders in HR, award-winners do not present submissions for the awards, but instead are selected on merit following intensive evaluation of strategies deployed by organisations to recruit, retain and hone the best talent in the industry.

Similarly, the Sri Lanka Brand Leadership Awards are presented to those corporates that are able to achieve extraordinary impact and reach, leveraging on innovative brand marketing and communications strategies to drive positive social changes that are aligned with organisational values. The awards are evaluated by a Special Jury and supported by a research in partnership with World CSR Day and World Federation of Marketing Professionals.

Particularly over the recent past, Airtel’s connection with young Sri Lankans has been on the rise, supported by products that are uniquely suited to the needs of Millennials and Gen Z, as well as unique engagements like Airtel Fastest – a pioneering contest to seek out and showcase Sri Lanka’s greatest undiscovered fast bowling talent.

Airtel Lanka is also ranked among the Top 25 Best Workplaces in Sri Lanka by the Great Places to Work Institute, and is committed to instilling a workplace culture that is: ‘Alive, Inclusive and Respectful’. This commitment is also extended Airtel Lanka’s prized Field Sales Executives, who have been pivotal to Airtel’s rapid growth in market share. Aiming to increase engagement with these vital teams, over the past two years, Airtel has invested heavily in training and professional qualifications in marketing in order to improve their effectiveness, while also establishing opportunities for career development; strategies which have drastically enhanced FSE retention over the two years that the programme has been active.

Having commenced Sri Lankan operations in 2009, Bharti Airtel is the island’s fastest operator to reach 1 million customers. A subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Limited, which is one of Asia’s leading integrated telecom services providers with over 100 million mobile customers, the brand has been featured in Forbes Asia’s Fab 50 list, rated amongst the best performing companies in the world.

CMO Asia is dedicated to high level knowledge exchange through leadership and networking amongst senior CMOs and brand decision makers across Industry segments. CMO Asia is organized and run by full-time professionals who are also committed to encouraging marketing professionals to share knowledge and experiences. Through this network, CMO Asia aims to generate high level thought leadership and peer networking amongst decision makers across industry segments in Asia.

Airtel, truly a great place to work - Ranked a Top 25 Best Workplace

July 2019

Illustrating the company’s inspiring and conducive working environment, Airtel Lanka has been recognised as a ‘Top 25 Best Workplace’ for the third time by the independent analysts, Great Place to Work Institute. Airtel Lanka has set in place a trust based, empowering relationship; a winning formula for both the company and its employees. Great Place to Work Sri Lanka conducts an anonymous employee survey, an evaluation of people practices and an in-depth culture audit prior to bestowing the credential of Great Place to Work on any company.

“Airtel’s promise is ‘an enabling work environment and an enriching work experience’ which are essential components of a great workplace. The workplace culture at Airtel Sri Lanka is a part of our legacy and is influenced by the notion that a company is only as good as its people.” commented Head of Human Resources at Airtel Lanka, Kanishka Ranaweera.

Building on the values of being ‘Alive, Inclusive and Respectful’, Airtel’s culture respects diversity and promotes equal opportunity for all. Airtel practices an open office culture where even the CEO sits amongst employees, promoting a culture of collaboration. The company upholds equality through open and transparent people practices including the availability of an independent ombudsman based offshore.

Airtel has developed a unique approach to executing the company’s business strategy which is driven by 22 cross functional project teams. This helps to eliminate the fragmented department mentality enabling all employees to pursue a collective goal and be accountable.

“We strive to drive innovation and technology to make telecommunication services accessible and useful to everyone. And We have recognized that in order to achieve that level of success, we have to consistently set the pace for a great work place and prepare for future needs.” commented Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Lanka, Jinesh Hegde.

Airtel provides flexible working arrangements to employees which include flexible hours, a relaxed dress code and sabbatical leave. Women are entitled to 26 weeks of maternity leave, above the legal requirement and also provide paternity leave and adoption leave.

Moreover, Airtel actively promotes Women in Management and accommodate the varying needs of modern working women. The company’s most recent initiative provides training opportunities for the differently abled individuals in collaboration with the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon.

Concluding the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Lanka, Jinesh Hegde added “Our People have always been our ultimate differentiator. In an Industry where everything else is generic, our success has continuously been our People. It’s only owing to them we are who we are – a Best Place to Work”.

Great Place to Work, headquartered in the USA, is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services, and certification programs, including Best Workplaces lists and workplace reviews, Great Place to Work provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and recognise outstanding workplace cultures. Great Place to Work provides executive advisory and culture consulting services to businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in over 57 countries across five continents, including Sri Lanka.

Airtel Changes the Game

25 June 2019

Unlimited voice calls for Rs 98 from today

Colombo, June 25, 2019: In a move that is set to revolutionize the telecom industry, Airtel Lanka has introduced a new product offering unlimited voice calls. With a price point of Rs 98, many industry analysts see this as something that will create real traction among telecom consumers.

Positioned as ‘the Katha Bus,’ the new product will further simplify Airtel’s prepaid proposition and addresses customers’ need for affordability, convenience and simplicity. The recharge pack is priced at Rs. 98 with a validity period of 30 days making it much more affordable than most essentials in the current context.

With the introduction of the new pack, Airtel customers can make unlimited calls to loved ones on their Airtel mobiles. The affordable pack is suited for heavy callers, reflecting Airtel's promise to enhance customer experience, offer a complete smartphone experience, and help subscribers to always stay connected.

In addition to unlimited Airtel calls, the recharge card offers up to 1,000 SMS’s and 100 MB of data for free with a validity period of 30 days. The plan was designed to accommodate customer needs for all mobile services to be built into a single recharge pack. By catering to the needs of its customers and delivering on its promise to provide affordable services, Airtel Lanka hopes to continue its customer-centric approach with the launch of many more innovative solutions.

Airtel has always been innovative and unique in its customer offerings, constantly striving to revolutionise the industry. With the launch of the new product, Airtel once again lives up to its reputation.

Jinesh Hegde, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bharti Airtel Lanka said, “Our customers crave for uninterrupted connectivity to support their busy lifestyle. This revolutionary recharge pack is designed to truly simplify the customer experience and offer great value to anyone. Customers no longer have to curtail voice calling in order to save money.”

He further noted, ”Additionally, with the rise of smartphones in Sri Lanka, consumers won't necessarily have to go for higher-priced plans in order to enjoy their devices.”

The recharge packs will be available islandwide at any Airtel Store and can be activated via the MyAirtel App, by logging into or

Airtel Lanka titled as the ‘Company with Great Managers’ at the Great Manager Awards 2018

March 2019

Illustrating the Company’s leadership prowess, Airtel Lanka clinched the ‘Company with Great Managers’ title as well as three individual awards for the second consecutive year at the Great Manager Awards 2018 held at the Kingsbury Hotel recently. The Company’s Head of Business Intelligence Rumal Warnakulasuriya, Head of Brand Strategy and Corporate Communications Charith De Chickera and Zonal Business Manager, Shamil Amit received accolades for their leadership skills and performance. The Great Manager Awards identifies, assess and recognize the managerial and leadership quotient of exceptional managers in organisations, providing an avenue for mangers to benchmark with the best, ascertain their strengths, provide guidance for development and enable them to become the best in their domain.

Commenting on the prestigious accolades, Bharti Airtel Lanka CEO/MD Jinesh Hegde said, “The recognition we received at the Great Manager Awards 2018 is testament to the organization’s continuous commitment and efforts in people development. The awards recognize and honour the caliber of our managers and the success of the ‘Lead Right’ programme which is the flagship people manager development programme of Airtel. Through fostering more great managers with specific training and development interventions, we envisage the growth and development of a dynamic and effective leadership pipeline across our organization.”

Great Manager Awards select winners based on a global research-based model known as R-OPTI. The model evaluates management style, focus on results, execution, people management, building team effectiveness and integrity of leaders. A global HR management initiative that revolves around identifying and rewarding inspiring and effective leaders in managerial positions, the Great Manager Awards foster a culture of improving performance capabilities and business acumen of management bodies in organisations.

Photo caption:
Charith De Chickera, Rumal Warnakulasuriya and Shamil Amit receiving the Great Manager awards. Jinesh Hegde-CEO of Airtel Lanka receiving the award for the company with Great Managers

Airtel’s Fastest’ looking for speeds over 150 Kmph

25 February 2019

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — The Buffer Free Data Network; Bharti Airtel Lanka (“Airtel”), is looking to ignite the cricketing landscape with an island wide hunt for Sri Lanka’s fastest bowler. ‘Airtel’s Fastest’ will commence on the 23rd of Feb and will be holding fast bowling auditions across the country; looking to finally unearth Sri Lanka’s fastest Amateur, School Boy and Female in the country.

Commenting at the launch, Minister of Sports, Harin Fernando said “This was something I was deliberating putting together, and am grateful that Airtel stepped up with this timely initiative. There is a lot of undiscovered talent across Sri Lanka, all looking for a way to make their dreams of playing for the national team a reality. ‘Airtel’s Fastest’ is a great opportunity for them and I am confident we will unearth a few stars who will represent the country with distinction.”

Anyone between the ages of 16 – 24 can participate in the open auditions, which will kick off in February 2019 covering, Jaffna, Pollonnaruwa, Batticaloa, Matara, Badulla, Ruwanwella, Gampaha, Kurunegala, Kandy, Horana and Colombo. A hundred fast bowlers will be selected from these trials and will be then put through a coaching camp with Airtel’s ‘Super Star coaching team’ consisting of Lasith Malinga, Anusha Samaranayake and Chaminda Vaas. After which they will be put through a series of challenges to select the fastest in each category.

“Airtel has always stood for youth empowerment, we believe in bringing an exciting platforms and opportunities to showcase and develop their talents. ‘Airtel’s Fastest’ is another example. We’ve invested in some of the best fast bowling coaching talent in the world, and are sure the young boys and girls will benefit from their experience”. We are also exited to announce that the entire talent hunt will be turned into a 20 episode TV reality show with the help of our partners in this project Derana TV” said Mr Jinesh Hegde CEO of Bharti Airtel Lanka.

Bowling legends of the Sri Lankan Cricket team too, took the opportunity in highlighting the importance of initiating local competitions such as “Airtel’s fastest” and how this will impact in building up much stronger national cricket teams in Sri Lanka, in both men and women sectors.

Highlighting the opportunities it creates in powering up the future national cricket team of Sri Lanka, Right arm fast bowling legend and brand ambassador, Lasith Malinga said “At a time when Sri Lanka is in need of fresh talent at national level, this initiative made by Bharti Airtel Lanka is a golden ticket for the young bowlers of Sri Lanka to come into the limelight. I urge all budding fast bowlers to come forward and grab this opportunity with both hands.”

Details of trial locations and dates as well as applications for the competition can be found on Airtel’s facebook page ‘airtellife’. The organisers have also ensured that registrations can be done on the day of the event at the locations. Participants are urged to bring along some kind of photo identification when registering.

Photo caption:
Saumya Narain – With the presence of Sports Minister Harin Fernando, the past and present Cricketers challenge budding fast bowlers to come strike fear into batsmen at the launch of ‘Airtel’s fastest’ with Derena TV.

Airtel Celebrates a Decade in Sri Lanka Rolls out exciting range of benefits for its customers

12 January 2019

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — January 12th, 2018: Airtel Lanka celebrated its 10th year in Sri Lanka, unveiling its biggest digital consumer programme – #AirtelThanks to delight its valued customers with exclusive benefits. #AirtelThanks is a first of its kind consumer program that will bring a range of exciting benefits to customers at no additional charge. Some of these would include complementary content access, exclusive recharge deals and attractive partner offers. All these and more will now be available to select Airtel customers throughout the year and the entire experience will be delivered digitally through the My Airtel App.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary, the operator has also rewarded 10 of its the oldest customers with a lifetime of free calls. As a token of appreciation, all the customers who joined the network in the first month of operations in Sri Lanka receive Rs.1000 worth of calling benefit and 10GB worth of data free of charge.

Commenting on this latest and significant milestone, Bharti Airtel Lanka’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Jinesh Hegde stated: “We are excited to celebrate an entire decade of Airtel in Sri Lanka. While we have changed the way mobile communications work in the country through the introduction of several innovative services which include the concept of no hidden costs, customised internet packages and handset bundle offers, we have received an amazing love and support from the people of Sri Lanka. And thanks to their support, Airtel has become one of the most successful international brands to be established in Sri Lanka in terms of connectivity and accessibility across the Country.”

“#AirtelThanks is our biggest initiative to celebrate our relationships with customers. This is also a win-win programme for our customers and partners as it gives brands the opportunity to reach customers with highly targeted offerings,” he added.

Along with the commitment towards enhancing Airtel’s network presence across Sri Lanka and continuing to work towards new ways of delivering a seamless network experience to customers, Hegde further stated: “We are thankful to the customers and channel partners who have been with us for the last 10 years. We hope to continue our customer-centric approach with innovative solutions, catering to the needs of the people whilst delivering on our promises hinged on reliability, affordability and accessibility.”

As part of this extensive expansion project, Airtel will continue to deploy robust and world-class network infrastructure and equipment to strengthen its customers’ high-speed data connectivity and mobile internet experience. Airtel has been consistently investing towards Sri Lanka’s critical infrastructure and the telco’s comprehensive network offers unbeatable coverage in urban, suburban and rural pockets across all districts of the country.

Airtel’s impact in the country has not only seen the introduction of affordable technology paired with critical infrastructure but has also provided direct and indirect employment opportunities for over 60,000 citizens island-wide.

Photo caption:
Saumya Narain – Executive Committee of Airtel Sri Lanka rewarding long-standing customers since their inception.

Airtel enriches customer experience with new app and extended services

15 February 2018

Airtel Lanka introduced a series of additional tools and services to its growing customer base across Sri Lanka, in its continued effort to give the best experience to Airtel subscribers. Recently, Airtel launched the ‘My Airtel’ app, a comprehensive solution that allows subscribers to access a wide range of Airtel products and services through their smartphones and receive App only exclusive offers. Available for Android, Apple and Windows smartphones, the ‘My Airtel’ app allows subscribers to see their available and outstanding balance through an easy to navigate dashboard, pay or top up their account, activate packs and get array/bouquet of entertainment services.

Bharti Airtel Lanka CEO/ MD Jinesh Hedge commenting on the company’s continued drive to enhance customer experience said, “Brilliant customer care is when our customers are empowered to facilitate themselves without the need of reaching out to the call centre. As we expand, we need to simplify our subscribers’ interaction with us and enable them to take control of their account from anywhere, at any time.”

A live chat platform was also launched, allowing customers to interact with Airtel Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Support agents through, ‘My Airtel’ app and on the ‘Airtel life’ Facebook Page & Messenger. The chat platform will provide customers with an ‘anywhere-anytime’ access to support with their package, technical support or any other inquiry related to their Airtel connection.

Further enhancing the subscriber experience, customers can now obtain services and support from over 13,000 outlets spread across Sri Lanka. The Airtel outlets are specifically geared to offer premier services such as mobile data services, reloads and recharges, SIM registration and replacements, and bill payments.

Photo caption:
Saumya Narain – Chief Service Officer, Airtel Lanka, Launching ‘My Airtel App’ to our customers

Airtel First to Empower Customers To Shop On Google Play Using Their Mobile Balance

15 November 2017

for the first time in Sri Lanka customers will be able to purchase apps and other digital content through their Airtel recharges or reloads on Google Play. This Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) service will permit prepaid customers to have their purchases deducted from their remaining balances, while postpaid customers will have their purchases incurred to their monthly phone bill.

Given that the circulation of credit cards is still considerably low, especially among the youth of Sri Lanka. Airtel's recent collaboration with Google Play will introduce a great alternative to online purchases for those who currently do not have a credit or a debit card. Airtel customers will be the first to be able to purchase digital content from the comfort of their smartphones, reaping the benefits of Airtel's 40% faster internet and Google Play security. Airtel customers will now have access to millions of paid apps on Google Play store, including new movies, music, educational content and games.

“Although a lot of people are online, their ability to transact has been limited because of the requirement to own a credit card. This alliance will give our customers the ability to do so in a convenient and safe manner.” said Jinesh Hegde, CEO/ MD at Bharti Airtel Lanka. “This is a highly customizable payment solution that gives digital merchants and app stores direct access to mobile operators’ wallet”

Customers can easily activate DCB on their android handsets by adding ‘Use Airtel Billing’ in the payment methods of their Google Play account menu. Once the activation is complete, the user can simply click on ‘Buy’ on their favorite content, select ‘Bill my Airtel account’, and provide their Google account password to confirm the purchase.

To boost customer trust and avoid accidental purchases, DCB comes with a refund option that is visible immediately on the purchased app and lasts for two hours users can keep full track of their DCB purchases via ‘Order History’ in their Google Play account menu.

With many partners to come, Airtel customers are well poised to expand the number of e-commerce services that are supported by operator payment options thus making bookings, appointments, and other services a click away.

Airtel clocks fastest internet speeds in Sri Lanka

20 August 2017

Tops TRCSL 3G speed tests from November 2016

There are many claims in the market of varying internet speeds, the only body authorised to carry out speed test in Sri Lanka the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL), released its latest publication of internet speeds by service providers on their website ( Accordingly Airtel recorded the fastest mobile internet service provider in the country recording a maximum data speed of 24.2 Mbps and an average speed of 12.4 Mbps on their 3G network. A position they have held onto since November 2016.

Sri Lankan smart phone user on an average spends 3 hours a day using the internet. TRCSL monthly speed test has become the benchmark by which discerning customers make their choice for an internet service provider. Bharti Airtel Lanka as the Sri Lanka’s fastest 3G internet service provider for the 6th consecutive publications, a feat not achieved by any network since the inception of the speed tests.

Commenting on the on the results, Mr. Jinesh Hegde CEO of Airtel Lanka said, “The use of mobile devices have shifted prominently from making calls to the use of data. We at Airtel having seen these signs a couple of years ago we continuously invested towards amazing customer online experience with the deployment of technologies resulting in a 40% increase in speeds. Our engineers work around the clock to ensure we keep to these standards and it is testament of their hard work. We will continue to improve our online customer experience in keeping with our organization’s mission of enriching lives of our community”

Airtel’s success story lies in its adaptation of advanced technological application to generate high speed data delivery. Airtel incorporates ‘Smart Cache Technology’ which regularly stores the frequently used content of a customer in local servers instead of off shore servers. This method not only enables Airtel to deliver content much faster to customers, as it eliminates external interruptions. In addition, Airtel uses ‘Dual Carrier Technology’ which uses 2 channels for data transfer, doubling the internet speeds to offer hassle-free user experience exclusively for the Airtel customers.

With its focus on delivering an unmatched internet experience for Sri Lankans, Airtel has seen a commendable rise in market share and subscriber base especially among the youth in the country. Recent research studies revealed Airtel to be the preferred mobile network for Sri Lanka’s youth. With further endorsements from social media giant Facebook as the most relevant choice for Sri Lankan youth, Airtel has truly cemented its position as the leading mobile internet service provider in the country.

Airtel Supports Disaster Victims with Technology

01 June 2017

Bharti Airtel, a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 17 countries across Asia and Africa, pioneered to assist those who are affected by the recent floods. Anyone can locate a missing Airtel customer through the number 0752443443 to find the last location of their loved ones during the disaster.

As at 01st of June 2017, ninety six (96) people are still missing after the torrential rains wreak havoc across fifteen districts of the Island. Victimized families are at unrest, largely depending on rescue missions to find information about missing people. Airtel rose with their trusted telecommunication facilities to help the affected community to recover from this adverse situation.

The facility aids to locate the missing ones via a SMS sent to Airtel. Airtel requests to SMS, the AIRTEL NUMBER (space) NAME of the missing person to 0752443443 and Airtel will revert to the customer with the last location of the missing person. Based on the location which the specific number was last used, the location is notified to the requester and the missing person will also be notified via SMS.

Concerned about the safety of the nation, Airtel has further initiated a free of charge safety alerts system to inform safe and risk-prone locations to its customers.

Acknowledging the vitality of being connected during an emergency, Airtel managed to restore all the affected towers within days. Airtel dedicated to provide uninterrupted service to its customers by keeping all their networks functioning while letting providing free calls & SMSs and were given higher recharge loans for Airtel user in the disaster areas to stay connected with the loved ones during the nation’s disaster situation.

Apart from the technological support given, Airtel employees volunteered to hand over much needed recovery items for the disaster victims impacting over 5000 members across kalawana, Molkawa, Thalawama and Agalawatte effected communities.

Testimony from Rathnapura: “Airtel network was the only network which was connected during the 3 days of the heavy rain” – Ms. Pavithra Nisansala Wimalasooriya – Asst. Divisional Secretary, Kalawana – Ratnapura District.

Movie experience on your smartphone with ‘Airtel MOVIE BOX’ for the first time in Sri Lanka

22 May 2017

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Airtel Lanka has introduced a high definition movie portal – ‘Airtel Movie Box’ - for the smart phone users across the country. The dedicated service will offer highly sought after Sinhala movies giving ultimate viewing pleasure with user-friendly feel. Airtel Movie Box was unveiled by Airtel’s Brand Ambassador Pooja Umashankar at a recent press conference held in Colombo.

Airtel Movie Box, the largest Sinhala movie data base, offers over 500 movies in high definition video quality and will be available digitally for Airtel customers island-wide. The service will revive movies going back to the golden era of the silver screen to latest release adding the greatest convenience of availability for viewing any time, any day from anywhere from a smartphone.

Airtel is launching this app in exclusive partnership with Evoke International to provide customized solutions to the rapidly growing young online audience. In line with the objective of developing local talent, Airtel Lanka partners with local talent to empower local community and move forward supporting each other for innovation.

“Airtel takes great measures to understand each customer closely, engage them and introduce something new as our customer loyalty is all about being relevant and superior. Consumer behaviour is changing rapidly and for them to remain loyal, we must identify and meet their requirements even before they express them. Being a telecommunications service provider, it gives us the opportunity of connecting people and contribute to the growth of industries in a country. Airtel will continue to invest more in high quality content from entertainment to education for the benefit of the youth of Sri Lanka,” Mr. Jinesh Hegde, Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Lanka, stated.

Sharing his views concerning the new initiative, Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director of Evoke International Mr. Lahiru Wickramesinghe said, “Airtel’s partnership with Evoke is one among many such initiatives that aim to invigorate the market and usher in superior services to Sri Lankan customers.”

Airtel Movie Box will be available for all Airtel customers for a conveniently affordable subscription of Rs.10 per day, Airtel’s 40% faster 3Ginternet position supported by the Telecommunication Regulation Commission (TRC) speed tests, will offer an uninterrupted streaming of data for the viewers. The exclusive service will be available for android phone users via an app, while other smartphone users can enjoy the service via Any user can subscribe on a daily basis without requiring a monthly commitment, as the subscription is paid by the day.

“The Airtel Movie Box – powered by the Vindana mobile application, is a truly remarkable mobile application that adds value to the local entertainment industry. It largely benefits all Airtel customers, as they now have access to a vast variety of local movies on their very own mobile device, opposed to having to visit the cinema, in order to watch a new movie release. I applaud Evoke International and Airtel Sri Lanka, for its support in the propelling of the local entertainment industry; and I am proud that our nation has been given the opportunity to explicitly present its rich culture and values.” Actor & Director - Mr. Channa Perera stated.

About Bharti Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

Bharti Airtel Lanka a member of the 3rd largest telecommunication network provider with a global footprint of 20 countries, commenced commercial operations of services in Sri Lanka in 2009, and was the fastest operator to reach 1 million customers. Airtel’s CSR policy takes a stand to be ALIVE to the needs of society as we want them to feel INCLUSIVE by enriching their lives through the act of RESPECT for all stakeholders, are truly lived across the entire supply chain of partners, customers and youth – as Airtel Lanka’s commitment to the society. Registered under the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka, Airtel Lanka provides digital mobile services that include voice, data and enterprise solutions. For further details please visit:

About Evoke International (Pvt) Ltd.

Evoke International (Pvt) Ltd, established in 2007, is a fully-fledged solutions provider that delivers solutions and systems to bring about prevalent business enhancements to clients of various stature, via accessibility to an extensive range of expertise in the domain of innovative, effective and expedient value added services; the company has proved to aid in the propelling of the Mobile Service Market into the future, via effectively developing, managing and marketing mobile related solutions. The company’s success has further been recognized internationally, this has enabled it to harness clients from markets in the Middle Eastern and African countries. With Evoke; innovation, modernization and enhancements can be considered its forte; the company constantly strives for excellence and advancement, principally in the specialty of entertainment solutions.

Airtel Lanka deploys Gemalto’s device management platform to strengthen its promise of 40% faster internet

08 May 2017

For the many customers who have upgraded their smartphones and experienced interruptions in their internet services, Airtel has provided a solution. With its latest tie up with Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), Airtel Lanka is now able to automatically detect and configure most of its subscriber devices automatically without human intervention, thus allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted access to their favorite internet sites. Gemalto’s LinqUs Device Management platform is currently one of the most advanced in the world. It boasts one of the largest knowledge repository of over 100,000 device references. Which is constantly being upgraded and includes the latest local, and even non-branded models not recognized by GSMA.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Jinesh Hegde said “Youth are always the early adopters of any trend, it is the same with smart phone devices. However we find that a lot of them experience interruptions to their internet services because networks fail to correctly identify the type of device and device settings. With this service we will be able to offer uninterrupted services regardless to the kind of device upgrade. Thus allowing our customers to experience 40% faster internet.”

“In Sri Lanka the smartphone vendors are competing to launch low cost models to capture the local market, increasing device diversity like never before,” Said Micheal Au, President South Asia and Japan at Gemalto. He further added, “With our complete solution, now Airtel can not only save up to 40% of customer care costs due to configuration related issues, but also boost customer intimacy and revenues with accurate analysis of devices and usage patterns.