Fight Against Child Abuse

Protecting Children and Their Rights.

Workshops at school

  • First private sector organization to work towards protecting children and their rights.
  • First of many long term projects initiated.

In an effort to reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect, Bharti Airtel in partnership with the Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians launched a booklet which outlines the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required of parents, guardians and teachers to help protect children from abuse and neglect.

Seminars were held to educate relevant stakeholders regarding the attention required by children, the importance of educating children on how to protect themselves against child abuse and the steps that should be taken upon occurrence of child abuse.

The booklet which was published in collaboration with Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians was distributed to schools as an initiative to create awareness among children and adolescents on child abuse. Special awareness programs were also organized with the attendance of specialist doctors in schools on request.

Over 6000 Students Educated on Internet Safety

Together with World Vision.

Responding to the need to train the youth on safe ways to use internet, Airtel and World Vision Lanka held a series of online safety awareness drives for school teachers and principals in the Batticaloa District.

Under this initiative, over 6,000 O/Level and A-Level students in the region will be reached through teacher training programs.

Airtel, World Vision Lanka and Grassrooted will now aim to spur advocacy by introducing visual tools at schools to make an ongoing difference.